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My "new" barn is DONE!!!

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FINALLY!!! The barn at my dad's farm is DONE!!! My horse will be in her new home this weekend!!
My boyfriend and I have spent many weekends working on it with my dad's help, and now it's finally finished!! We took out load after load of old nasty hay, gutted the old feed troughs, put in new beams and supports for the roof, built a new stall front and door, and stripped the floor. My dad put the finishing touches on the windows and outside doors today. He's putting up the fencing this week, and I am going to go clean everything up and put down some bedding for the mare-mares!!
I will post some before and after pictures when we get the horses out there.
Oh, and my step-mom is looking to blow some money on her new horse. She is planning to take a road trip to Kentucky with me and her horse-y friend so we can help her get the right stuff. I might even be able to talk her into "helping" me get some stuff for my horse, too. hehe
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That's great! Just in time before winter hits, too! It's great that the project became a family thing! Willl you be getting any barn cats??
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