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Rodent's Ulcer

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I have a seven month old (otherwise healthy) male kitten who has just been diagnosed with Rodent's Ulcer. Has anyone else had this condition diagnosed in their cats and if so, how was it treated? My cat is now on a course of Ovarid.
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Must be rare, I googled "feline rodent's ulcer" and nothing came up! I then googled "rodent's ulcer" and only got two sites - one of them was not about the disease but only mentioned it, and the other was clearly about humans since it stated it usually shows up in the 5th and 6th decades! The only information it gave was that it is a basal cell carcinoma. This is the highly curable type that rarely metastsizes, so hopefully kitty has a good prognosis if it was caught in time.
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I missed the Ovarid part when I first read your post. Why is he on Ovarid? Ovarid is female hormones. It used to be used extensively to treat a range of skin diseases, but that use has been pretty much discontinued. Besides, this is cancer (if those two web sites were correct) and as such should be excised.

Or maybe feline rodent's ulcer is something different than human rodent's ulcer?
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From what I know, yes you can treat it with the hormones, but it there are many more risks and side effects. I would also talk to the vet about going the steriod route. It's kinda the lesser of 2 evils. I am unaware if they have come up with any newer treatments or soulutions.
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My Kylie was diagnosed about 2 mos ago with rodent's ulcer. My vet never mentioned that it was a carcinoma. He did say it will return and need steroid treatment when it does return. She also has the skin form so she will occasionally get sores on her neck also, and the vet told me to treat it with steroid cream.
She is doing well with it, tho she does not like the pills.
Here is some info:
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Not 'Rodent's Ulcer' which is why some of you had problems searhing for information. :-) I have a cat with rodent ulcer and he is treated regularly with prednisone.

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