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Since it's getting close to Halloween, I would like to see some jack-o-lanterns!!!
Here's my first one of the season:

I want to see some more!! Go carve some pumpkins and post the pics here!!!
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Well, I *was* going to carve some tonight, and I bought pumpkins last weekend. But then I walked outside today, and something chewed on them! Not normal neighborhood kiddos smashing pumpkins, but actual teeth marks.

I haven't lived in an old neighborhood recently, so I totally forgot about wildlife and leaving 'food' outdoors.

Back to the store tonight to buy more pumpkins...

I have designs, though:

http://www.jack-o-lantern.com/patterns/fright.pdf - witch
http://www.jack-o-lantern.com/patterns/moonbat.pdf - bat
http://www.jack-o-lantern.com/patterns/spider2.pdf - spider
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Oooh! I have pics from last year somewhere LOL
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