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HELP!! I'm being attacked!!

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I really could use some advice from all you guys with more experience than me...

I've been dealing with a group of stray kittens for a few months now. Two i managed to socialise to the point where they are now in their foster home and doing well. The other two i just brought in off the streets a few days ago.

The female is really cuddly... But the male... he was quite ok with me to begin with BUT because he had an open wound which i had to disinfect daily with salt water... he now... absolutely hates me.

Infact his dislike seems to be escalating even though i stopped the salt water treatment yesterday.

I don't know what to do. Now when i come into the room, he will growl at me and then come up to me and whack my feet a few times. if i move he will do it again. He has actually started running up to the door when i open it and trying to sort of keep me out... I don't yell or do anything to freak him out when he wacks me... i just stand as still as possible.

I am not sure what to do. I have them in our home office as that is where i spend most of my time... They do have lots of places to hide and stuff ... he's just so growly. I've never been scared of being attacked before but i kind of am with this guy. I know he's been through a lot lately and i'm not sure where to go with him. It's just pretty worrying when he makes a go for my hands when i bend down to pick something up... I'm trying to do what the cats do when another cat growls at them and be totally still and go away...

The other thing is that he is not the dominant cat between the two of them. It is actually the girl who is the dominant one...


I will definetly be wearing big baggy jeans and socks all of tomorrow... my right hand all ready looks like a pin cushion
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Maybe you can do a search on the behavior thread for cat attacks, for reading some good advice. I know one thing is to have a stuffed animal for them to attack. Maybe he just needs to get his frustration out.

Also, time for him to go to the vet for a neuter, that will settle him down some. I hope he tames so he can be adopted!
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