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Getting a kitten on wednesday.

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Well someone in my moms job is giving away kittens. And theres only one more left so my mom is going to get it for me. I dont know anything about cats. So any information will be helpful.
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There are lots of folks here with lots of good experience and advice. Is the kitty a stray that someone found? How old? If it is a stray kitten you should take it to the vet for an examination. The vet will de-worm the kitty probably as most kittens have worms they get from their moms usually (so I understand). He/she will also need vaccinations, depending on her age maybe now or a bit later. The vet will also check for fleas and ear mites.

Have a nice litter box ready for your kitty and keep it clean by scooping at least once per day and more if need be. Use metal or ceramic bowls for food and water since using plastic can sometimes cause acne on their chin.

It might be best to keep her in one room for a few days to let her get used to her new environment before giving her the run of the house. Your kitty may try to hide for a couple of days if he/she is nervous in her new home so please don't chase him/her down and try to catch him/her. Let the kitty come to you so they know they are safe with you. If kitty hides, sit on the floor in the room he/she is in and read quietly to help him/her relax. I would also make up a nice comfy place for sleeping unless you are lucky enough that the kitty is not shy and wants to sleep with you.
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You should take your kitty to the vet even if its not a stray, and get an exam, shots, deworming. Unless you are planning on breeding you should have it spayed/neutered around 4-6 months to prevent undesirable behavior once they come of age.
Good luck, and welcome, you will learn a ton of stuff here! Its great!!!!!!!!
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Okay. Im getting the cat tommarow ( i think) and i was wondering. Do i have to give him wet foods? Could i just give him dry? And is feeding him at 6:30 in the morninng and 6 in the afternoon okay?

I also have a question about the litter box. What kind of litter is the best? And is a litterbox in a bathroom good?
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Canned food is actually better for cats than dry. http://www.catinfo.org/ Kittens need three or four small meals a day, so it might be easiest to give your kitten canned food in the morning and evenings, and to leave out dry food for him/her to nibble on while you're at school.
Many people recommend not using clumping litter for a kitten, as they could eat it. A litter box in the bathroom is fine, and a second one elsewhere in your home, because kittens tend to get to playing, and then have to "go" in a hurry. Also, many cats prefer one box for "#1", and another for "#2". The boxes should be cleaned daily. Have you read the articles you can access at the top of each page? There are several good ones on cat care.
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