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How do you create siggy's??

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I'm totally clueless of these so maybe someone could help me out here. I love playing with the computer and I'd love to be able to make my own siggy's..(I love to fiddle!!)

Do those of you that make them use some sort of software??..any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Some of the people you may want to contact for advice are found in this thread
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I use photoshop CS to make mine
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Yes, it would be nice if instructions were shared! (I have access to Photoshop and I'd like to do my own, too!) I'll try to play around with it if I have some time soon.
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I use Paint Shop Pro 8. I learned the basics & how to use the program by doing tutorials.. there are hundreds of free tuts on the net.

I also have Photoshop, but it's not loaded on my computer at the moment & I haven't had the chance to learn how to use it yet.
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I usually use Photoshop to create my siggy's along with a couple of other programs like Paint Shop Pro, Bryce 3D and Micrografx Designer to create the things that go in my Signatures. However, I usually always put it all together using Photoshop. In order to create a signature or any graphic, you start off my creating a new document and then go from there. Instructions for using photoshop can take up huge volume's of books and tutorials. Basically it's combining portions of, and in sometimes all of several different documents together to create a new document, and it's done by layering the different things together. There's a lot more to it to that, but that's a start. When you look at my signature for example, you would see one picture, but each item on there started off as a seperate document that I saved to my computer under it's own file name. Paul Stanley and the kitties are from different photo's, once I removed them from their background, I saved them as individual Transparent PSD files on the computer. The background I put them on, I created with Bryce 3D, but you can make a background using Photoshop as well, by either drawing it yourself or using some Photoshop filters, or actions. You just have to play around. Every other item on the signature comes from a different document that I layered on the background.

These are the basics. You simply have to play around with Photoshop, until you start to get the feeling of it. The same goes from Paint Shop Pro.

One trick I've learned is when you make your document, make it larger that what you intend the finished product to be. I usely create my signatures at 1100 width by 300 height, pixels, and then when it's finished I downsize it to 550 by 150, which is a good size for signatures. Make sure you flatten your image, once you have it the way you like it. After you've downsized your image, sharpen it. Then add your text if you will be using any. Realize that the text will also be new layers, and when you have your text just right, then flatten the image again, and in Phtoshop, "Save for Web", because that way you can make sure the document or siggy won't be too large in bytes for the message boards, they like it 30 bytes or less. I hope that helps a little bit.
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I have not had time to create one (and I am more interested in programming and web design than graphics as a hobby) but I do have Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro and a Corel program and one of these days, I may use them to spruce up my solitary picture of YY - and I need to add the Sphynx Girls. And think of something creative - which can be tough to do at the end of a day. One nite I sat down thinking I would do it and I was sooo tired it was all I could do to respond to a few questions, lol Maybe on a weekend when I am not on call, lol
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Well, it was my interest in Web Design that made me want to create graphics. I wanted to make sure that all graphics on my webpage are my own original graphics, and that's when I started getting involved with Photoshop, and Paint Shop Pro.
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I want to thank cagnes for designing me a new fall season siggy of my beautiful boy Reilly!!

I love it
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What a gorgeous siggy of a gorgeous boy!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I want to thank cagnes for designing me a new fall season siggy of my beautiful boy Reilly!!

I love it
That is a beautiful signature. Really beautiful, and I think your Reilly is gorgeous.
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Its lovely!

Great job Cagnes
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Thanks y'all! It was fun to work with Reilly... he is a gorgeous boy!
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I saw the siggy with Reilly's picture too. He is gorgeous. All this graphics and talk stuff about how to create the siggys sounds pretty complicated to me. Unless I get a smart streak, I am going to leave that up to the ones with real talent like Hope. She did mine and I love it.
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I LOVE the new siggy!! Reilly is just gorgeous. I actually noticed your siggy in one of the other forums, and was looking for a good place to tell you how beautiful it was, then I saw this thread. Great Job cagnes!
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Awww Reilly's siggy is just gorgeous - I love those autumn colours.
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HopeHacker! Thank you! I am going to try and create my own siggy using your wonderfully detailed instructions! Thanks again for sharing the info. (I only hope I can really do a decent one)!
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It is a stunning signature!
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can someone tell me the website where i can get the system that doesnt cost any money to make my siggy's?
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You can download 30 day trials of Photoshop from Adobe's website or PSP from the JASC website.
There are some free software programmes GIMP etc that you can search for too
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Originally Posted by sumosmom View Post
HopeHacker! Thank you! I am going to try and create my own siggy using your wonderfully detailed instructions! Thanks again for sharing the info. (I only hope I can really do a decent one)!
I would try the free trials first, just see how you like it, then once you get more comfortable it and like it then you can buy the whole program. I started off with a trial and decided with my schedule, etc, I'd never learn in the 30 days, so I bought Paint Shop Pro and now I love it. Plus I bought a Dummies book for it (that really helped)! I'm still learning as I go and I know it'll take time, but I'm learning new things each day I use PSP.

Remember just to have fun with it.. go crazy .
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