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The Add A New Pet Joke Thread

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LOL! Great one Tiggy!
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I thought it might be kind of fun to start a thread that we could keep
adding pet jokes to.

First joke

A woman walks into a vet's waiting room, she's dragging a wet rabbit
on a leash. The rabbit does NOT want to be there. "Sit Fluffy," she
says. Fluffy glares at her, and sopping wet, jumps up on another
customer's lap, getting water all over him. "I said SIT,
now there's a good Fluffy," says the woman, slightly embarrassed. Fluffy, wet
already, squats in the middle of the room and pees. The woman,
mortally embarrassed, shouts, "Darn it Fluffy, will you behave?!"
Fluffy then starts a fight with a Doberman and pursues it out of the
office. As the woman leaves to go after it, she turns to the rest of
the flabbergasted customers and says, "Pardon me, I've just washed my
hare, and can't do a thing with it!"

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Saw that when you posted it on the other site. It is really cute!!!

I can't think of one right now...not pet related anyways.
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Reverend Jones was out in his back yard tending the flowers when he noticed a poor little kitten stuck in the tree. Being the kind-hearted soul that he is he attempted to retrieve the kitten from the tree, but had no ladder. At last he had a bright idea. He took a rope, flung it over the branch the kitty was on and pulled it down to rescue the little ball of fluff. It seemed to be working, but just as the kitten came within reach the rope broke and the little one went flying through the air. Try as he might, the good Reverend could not find the little waif.

About a week later he was in the grocery store where he met Mrs. Adams, one of his parishoners. There she was with a load of cat food in her cart. "Mrs. Adams, I thought you didn`t like cats," commented Rev. Jones. "why are you buying cat food?" "Well," said Mrs Adams, "I never really did like cats, too much, but my little Susie came to me last week and asked if she could have a kitten. Not wanting to say no, I told her she could have one if God sent it to her. Little Susie was so excited. She ran right outside and started praying. And then, honest Reverend, I saw it with my own eyes, and then right out of the heavens a kitten fell into her arms.

Maybe this isn`t so much a joke as it is a cute story of how God answers prayer, but it brought a chuckle to my heart.
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Very cute!!!!

Here's another one:

A man follows a woman out of a movie theater. She has a dog on a leash. He stops her and says. "i'm sorry to bother you, but I couldn't help but notice that your dog was really into the movie. He cried at the right spots, he moved nervously in his seat at the boring parts, but most of all, he laughed like crazy at the funny parts. Don't you find it unusual?"

"Yes," she replied, "I found it very unusual! He hated the book!"
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Old widow O`Mally and her cat, Murphy, were walking down the road when Mrs. O`Mally spotted a dusty old lantern. When she polished it off a genie appeared, promising her 3 wishes. " Be very careful, now", the genie warned. "Think out your wishes carefully."

Mrs O`Mally thought and thought. Finally she decided , "For my first wish I want to be young and the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth." POOF She was 50 years younger and drop dead gorgeous. Again she thought. "For my second wish I want to be the wealthiest woman alive." Suddenly she was surrounded by her own wealth. Now, for her third and final wish she thought long and hard, and suddenly it came to her. "For my third wish I want my cat Murphy to be transformed into the handsomest, kindest man imaginable." POOF! Murphy suddenly became a breathtakingly handsome man with a kind and gentle nature.

Mrs. O`Mally sighed. Surely she now was the happiest woman in the world. As the continued hand in hand down the road, together, Murphy turned to Mrs. O`Mally and said, "Now don`t you wish you didn`t get me fixed???"
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OMG!! That was a good one, Tiggeytoes!! :LOL:
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