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third eyelid showing

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I took my kitten in for booster shots on friday (fiv and distemper). On Sunday, he threw up and today his third eyelid is showing. The vet gave him a clean bill of health. Is this just due to the vaccinations?
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third eyelid is either dehydration, fever, or illness. I would call the vet-
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My cats got booster shoots two days ago, what symptoms should I be looking for?
What is third eyelid?
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Originally Posted by Zoggy
What is third eyelid?
A white curtain on the eye. Usually you dont see it in healthy cats, or possibly a tiny tiny corner. But when you see it - there is no doubt you see it - watch out. It is almost always a bad sign. Illness of some sort.
Usually time to contact a vet.

That hissy said. + May also be worms.
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I called the vet and they said that reactions to vaccinations usually occur within one hour of the cats receiving them. He has been dewormed twice already. The vet said to keep an eye on him and if he gets worse, to bring him in. I don't know what could've caused such a sudden illness. He was fine at the vet's office.
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Does he drink water as he should? you did wrote he vomited. Once or several times?

It may be dehydration too Hissy said. If you suspect dehydration you may forcefeed with water.

Syringe of some sort (no needle). or eyedropper, or straw. In the corner of the mouth - across the mouth, NOT down the neck. Carefully and cautious
You must do it sometimes even on healthy cats, many cats drinks way to little on hot summerdays...

Edit: Easiest to forcefeed water if you are two: one holding, one doing.
Besides, you may also try to let her lick from your hand, or lick from fingers. cats who not thirsty and wont drink by themselves sometimes licks from the hand... I had done it sometimes with our Muskis.
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to check for dehydration grab the scruff of his neck...if the skin goes down right away hes doing good......but if the skin tents, he is dehydrated and needs to get liquid in him, and needs to see a vet ASAP
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I don't think he is dehydrated. He drinks water like a fiend, and when I do the scruff of the neck test, his skin snaps right back, there is no tenting. I have noticed in the past couple weeks that he is eating less, and I asked the vet if he looked too thin, but the vet said everything looked fine. He only threw up once on Sunday (watery and yellow), but he threw up multiple times initially with his uri. He is still on antibiotics for that (amoxi), but the only thing that has changed in his routine is his boosters.
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Does he have a fever? I would add pedialyte to his water as well just to be safe. He could have had something brewing inside and the stress of the vet visit brought it to a head. Stress in cats causes illness quite easily.
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He didn't have a fever on friday at the vet's office. Do you guys know what may be causing his loss of appetite? I've been chalking it up to him cutting his adult teeth. He's still jumping and running around like normal. He is due to be off his amoxi at the end of the week (this is his second bottle) while my other cat has just been put on ceta drops (vet said he was still congested after the amoxi). those were the only changes in my cats' routines. booster shots for the little one and ceta drops for the older one (older one is doing fine).
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