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I desperately need some advice on my fighting cats. I have three cats at home and the fighting is increasing daily and I am now besides myself worrying they will get hurt.

Tipsy - 6 yrs old Male - Neutered
Mushu - 10 mths old Male - Neutered (lost one eye at 5 1/2 mths)
Cleo - 14 mths old Female - Spayed / fixed

Tipsy has been in the family from a tiny kitten and is very attached to me, is
affectionate at times, mostly at night and sleeps in the room with my husband and I, he does not like to be held just stroked, the other two I have just taken over from my daughter who moved and was unable to keep them.They are both extremely affectionate and love to be held, cuddled and loved, played with etc they tend to follow me everywhere I go as they love company. They have been with us just over 3 months.

At first we had a lot of growling, hissing and fighting between Tipsy who is huge and heavy and Cleo who is really tiny but seems to have a dominant nature with her "brother" Mushu. Mushu is very relaxed and laid back, and tries constantly to befriend Tipsy, but ends up getting attacked. To start with we had one or two incidents between Tipsy and Mushu with Tipsy fluffing up and growling but no fights. In the past two to three weeks
Tipsy has got increasingly aggressive and seeks out both the other two cats and is extremely rough and violent with them, cornering them pouncing on top of them and hitting and biting, and in the last week drawing blood with Cleo. He does not let up unless he sees one of us and we try to stop the fighting without shouting at him. As aresult the smaller two are now
extremely nervous,Cleo even messes herself when he attacks her and Mushu seems to be limping since a fight yesterday. I am particularly concerned about him because he has only one eye and often does not see Tipsy coming.

The vet just says it will calm down and that for now I should spray my perfume on all three, rub them all with the same towel / blanket and that should help. I have tried this a couple of times over the past weeks to no avail!

Please advise how to handle this as I am getting really concerned. Any ideas / advice will be greatly appreciated as I am now very attached to all three and would like them to live together peacefully if possible.
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What a sad situation! I think that to solve this problem you will need to separate Tipsy and the new cats for a minimum of two weeks and then slowly reintroduce them using the techniques described in this thread. I think it is unlikely that they will just grow out of it since the aggression is increasing in intensity. However, a separation and gradual reintroduction just might solve the problem!

Good luck!
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It sounds to me like you just put them in the same room without an introduction period? Some vets and cat books advocate this. Sorry, it doesn't always work.

Slow reintroduction and letting them play with eachother under the door will help! You've come to the right place for help!
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Thanks all, I did do as advised and kept the two new cats in a room for nearly 3 weeks, letting them out for short periods of time after the first week. Tipsy spent loads of time at the door sniffing, growling etc and at first was just curious and not overly fusse, but as I said things have just got worse. I will try the gradual re-introduction as you said, anything to resolve the situation as I am frantic!
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If there is anyway you can put a screen door between them- they make pet proof mesh doors, or you can fashion your own, this helps tremendously. This allows the cats to see and smell each other while allowing the newcomer some protection from an alpha cat. It is what I use in this home all the time, and I am constantly introducing new feral cats to the group here.

Also, don't spray your perfume on your cats directly. If you have to use the perfume, you can spray it in the air and then walk into it with your hands, rub your hands together in the mist briefly, shake them a few times, then go and pet all your cats over and over.

Easier to do and not so irritating to a cat's acute sense of smell is to use pure vanilla extract. Put it on just a dab at a time under their chins, between their shoulders and at the base of their tails. Do this several times a day.

Invest in several comfort zone room diffusers and start burning them in your home.

Pick up Pam Johnson-Bennett's book HissNTell and cat vs cat- both give excellent advice to mulitcat households.

Do not introduce any more new cats in this home for now-

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by hissy
Easier to do and not so irritating to a cat's acute sense of smell is to use pure vanilla extract. Put it on just a dab at a time under their chins, between their shoulders and at the base of their tails. Do this several times a day.

Invest in several comfort zone room diffusers and start burning them in your home.
Ditto on these items. I was using vanilla scent on my kitties...they kiss noses now without bopping one another on the head. I have also sung the praises for Feliway, diffuser and spray. Life has been pleasant with it.
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Thanks Hissy for the advice, I have started with the vanilla extract today, and will continue to put it on all three as you suggested every day. I will let you know how it is going in a few days time!
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You can also try some cornstarch powder (not the talc powder) on their coats. Vanilla extract under their noses will camoflage scents.
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ANother idea that I have been told works is to put the new cat into their carrier and set them in the resident cats territory. You would do this as an alternate to the pet mesh door because they can see and smell each other, but neither one is overly threatened in their territory. I tried this last nite for about a 1/2 hour and it went ok -- some hissing and pouting by my resident, but otherwise tolerated the 'intruder'. I plan to continue this for a week or so in the evenings until they slowly get used to each other.. I am on week 3 -- it just takes a lonnnng time.
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