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Peeing problems

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I have a male cat about 4 years old. He has never been fixed due to my husbands strange belief. Well we now live in City and going outside is not an option and I am having a problem. He has just started peeing on everything and I don't know what to do. It is not spraying just peeing. I do plan on having him fixed this Friday but I am learning that in adult cats the peeing doesn't really stop and since it is not spraying the fixing will not help anyway. Is there anyone that can help or experienced the same problem. Also I can not get the urine smell out of my carpet I bought some special stuff that I read about online and I have had no luck "Urine-off"...is there really a product out there that can remove cat urine smell.....Anyone that can help me....
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I am not sure if its available in your area, but Simple Solutions works wonders! Heres a link to the page: http://www.petsmart.com/global/produ...=1129581380956

It really works to get the smell up, that way, the cat can't smell it, and wont continue to go there.
Is there one place where your kitty goes, or is it everywhere? Is it possible that hes not littertrained? You cant take a cat who is used to doing business outside and make them an inside cat all of the time without working with them with the litter box.
What I did, was my cat picked a corner and thats where she peed all the time. I took her litterbox and I put it in that corner, with pads underneath it, and left it there. She used it. Each morning, I would move it a little closer to the bathroom where I wanted it, and eventually it made it into the bathroom. She will use it and since I cleaned the carpet with the simple solutions, she hasnt gone back over there. Even under a black light, all traces of urine was gone.
I hope that someone here may have some suggestions also. I would have the vet check to make sure there arent any medical issues, like a UTI.
Good Luck and keep us posted.
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First of all thank you for the reply. And yes I have a Petsmart right down the street and I will be going there tonight. But as for him being litter trained..yes he is the problem just started a couple weeks ago. Although I use to live in the country and now in the City he has never really been outside. But I am noticing that he like to pee on things. Like my shoes, stacks of paper, pretty much anything on the floor.But he still uses the little box as well.
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When you have the cat at the vet to be neutered, please ask the vet to do a urinalysis to look for signs of a urinary tract infection or blockage. Inappropriate urination is the number 1 symptom of these medical problems. (A regular exam will not detect urinary tract problems...it will require a urinalysis.)

If the vet finds no signs of infection or blockage, you should check out the thread at the top of the behavior forum titled something along the lines of Stopping Inappropriate Urination. This thread will give you many good ideas on getting this behavior under control.

Added: Here's the link to the stopping inappropriate urination thread.
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I am so glad to finally find a place like this. My husband and I are cat lovers and people think we are strange. Anyway my husband wanted to ask if anyone thinks this is weird. I know you read about my cat pee problem but it all started after I agreed to keep my Brothers dog Buddy Lee (a lovable fellow) it was only for 3 months but he left 2 weeks ago. Well I also have a dog and although she is totally house trained she has as well started having accidents in the house. And the cat... what seems stranged hated the visiting dog as well as our family dog. He only loves humans and cats. but is this something more then I am reading. Could it be emotional??
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