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Crying Kitten

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My friend found a kitten about 9 weeks old. She took it to the vet and then took it home and is isolating her from her other cat for awhile. She leaves the new kitten in the bathroom and her resident cat has free access to the house then they switch off back and forth throughout the day. But in the evening the new kitten crys all night in the bathroom. Is there something that may help the kitten not to cry all night and get her to settle in. It really breaks my friends heart to keep her in the bathroom but she has to keep the two seperated awhile longer!

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Does the kitten have something warm to cuddle with such as a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel or sheet? This may help.
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How long has it been isolated? What did the vet say? Has it had shots? Could it be sick? Why is it isolated?

It is crying because it wants love. Maybe a towel or blanket. Something that smells like your friend. A stuffed animal. As much attention as possible.
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The kitten has been to the vet, it is not sick, and the vet said seems very healthy. She is being isolated because my friend needs to slowly introduce her to her resident cat.

She does have a bed in there and also some carpet.
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