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Need Advice - Thinking of Getting a Cat

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I've always wanted one, but my mother was allergic so we only had a dog. I shouldn't say only, the dog was awesome. But I'm moving out now so I'm thinking of getting a cat. I was hoping that maybe some of you could recommend what kind I should get or if I should even get one at all.

I'm a bit allergic to cats. I'm fine if I'm around them, but I'll get stuffed up if I play with one and then rub my eyes. So I have friends with cats that I can play with, I'm just used to washing my hands afterwards. I think that some breeds are known to be better with people that have pet allergies.

I'm going to be living in a loft in downtown Los Angeles. It's one big room, about 700 square feet. It seems to me that it's enough space, but not for a very very active cat. I would be willing to get two so that they don't get bored, since I work fulltime during the day and sometimes I have meetings on the weekends. So basically I would prefer a personality that is more laid back and less likely to destroy my furniture out of boredom

I've always wanted a black cat; I like the domestic figure as opposed to the super fluffy Persian-type cats. But I'm open to anything. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that it would be best for me to adopt an adult cat as opposed to getting a kitten.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, welcome to TCS

I would definately recommend getting a pair, especially if you're going to be out all day. I'm sure many shelters would have older cats that have been together their whole lives and who they would like to rehome together
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You actually seem to have the right idea already.

Definatelly adults would be better because then it is very easy to tell what their personality is. Furthermore I would agree that getting two is a good idea.


Is always a good place to look.

In Los Angeles there are many, many places you can find animals. If the shelter scares you, almost any chain pet store will have rescue adoptions on the weekend. Since those animals are all fostered the foster parent should be able to tell you about their personality, and you could probably find an already bonded pair.

Black kitties aren't too hard to find.

Oh! And the allergies. As I understand it - it's often on a cat-to-cat basis how allergic you will be, not a breed thing. So try to spend some time with any cat/s you are thinking of adopting to be sure you aren't super-allergic.
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