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Spot the kittens......

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I looked everywhere for my two yesterday, then I found them.....

Plus a couple others of Alfie that I thought were cute!

I swear they have bengal blood sometimes, or flea genes judging by the height they can jump!
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Awww!! You have such beautiful babies!!!
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Thank you! Course, I think they're gorgeous, but then I'm very, very biased
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I would love to see how they got up there! Maybe they are letting you know that they think you need decorations up there - and they have volunteered!
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LOL...mine can't figure out how to get up there!
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Wow!! That is quite the jump!! Would have loved to seen how they got up there.
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Awww, they are both so sweet!! What cuties

BTW-I love your kitchen!
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Do they have flubber under their feet or something? What a jump!

Your kitchen is amazing- love that archway!
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Clare how the heck did they get up there?! Sophie's tried always but she's never made an actual jump
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Sunni used to do that! I never could figure out how she made it, but she loved to get up there!
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I love your statues! If mine wasn't full of stuff I'd ask where you got them!

Glory used to get on ours in one place we lived by jumping from the counter to the fridge to the cabinet. But then I think our kitchen was set up different so it was easy.
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Surprise mom!
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They are darling! Maybe they thought you hid treats or a toy up there?
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Awww, your boys share Leo's favorite pastime!

They are absolutely beautiful cats.

Also, I am so jealous of your kitchen!!
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I actually watched them this morning and they jumped from the floor to the counter, then up onto the top from there. They manage to grab the top of the cabinet and kind of haul themselves up!

Thank you for the kitchen compliments, it was one of the main reasons I bought my flat!
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I think Tibby has been sending secret tips to max and Alfie! He discovered the tops of the coupboards as a kitten and has enjoyed the fun ever since! Much to my dad's dismay when we stay!

It is so funny though when you can't find them and they're there!

What sweeties!
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Now there is no place that is sacred! ...I think they have springy legs like Pooh`s Tiger!
Darling kitties!
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