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my cat is flooding the house!

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well, not literally. we have 2 cats and a chihuahua, they all get along great. but with the three of them we go through water a lot. they started out with this water dish: but willow had a very bad habit of knocking the bottle over and spilling the water. we got them a new one, similar but it looked more like the auto feeders in a way and seemed sturdier. well, now she can't knock over the top so she digs in the bowl until it's empty! she did it twice in one day! is there any reason for this or any way to stop it? she's the only one that does it, jasper just lays with the side of his head in the bowl...
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I would invest in a kitty fountain. Your cat may just not like stale water, most cats don;t and the petmate cat fountain is sturdy and easy for the cats to use.
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but twice in one day it was fully emptied, was refilled with fresh water both times and she still does it...
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My dog will drink the rest of the bowl of water if it is a little low. I assume she does it so no one else can have any.

And Festus likes to put her toys in the water to play.

My guess would be your kitty is just having good clean fun. Maybe get her a big dog bowl with a little water so she can splash and play. Then have another bowl for drinking, maybe the fountain so it is extra fresh!
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My mom's cat loves to slop in water. The dogs have a plastic bucket full of water, and she balances on the brim to drink, although she has her own water bowls, and also splashes the water around. Perhaps you could put a bucket on a tray, and allow her to "slop"?
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One of Oliver's bowl is in the bathtub (when no one's in it of course!) so when he splashes in that one, there's no problem!
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