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I survived Las Vegas

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I got back very early Sunday morning so I didn't do much.
Went to "KA" a Cirque de Soleil show at the MGM which was fabulous. Bought 3 knit tops at the gift shop-really funky stuff (I don't know if you can buy their stuff on their website??) Did not do much gambling at all-lots of shopping!!!
Celebrity sighting at Versace in Casear's Palace forum shops-Paula Abdul!!
One of my friends and I ate lunch at Spago-really good food and drinks.
Went to the Carnival show and the buffet at the Rio. I had however a migraine headache on Thurs aft and evening so did not venture out. I would recommend anyone to stay at the New York New York casino. There was alot of stuff to do their, good restaurants and bars. However Vegas is gotten more expensive over the past few years for food and drink-you can hunt out deals though. We all bought bus passes instead of walking all the time-I actually lost weight while I was there!!! So all and all a pretty good trip for me. (have to see what the Visa bill will be as I also bought a little trinket for Tiffany's!!!)
Now to catch up on the postings!!!
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We missed you!!! Glad you have a great time!!!
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Glad you had a great time!
Good luck with the Visa bill!
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Oh, it makes me nostalgic! I was there just over a year ago. Glad you had a good time.
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Welcome back Gail!
Wow, sounds like you had a blast in Vegas. Thanks for the lowdown...but don't you know that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

Didja get any pictures?? I wanna see Paula Abdul!
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Thats great that you had such a good time!!

I have never been to Vegas, someday!!

Any pictures?
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Cool! Cirque de Soleil! I would love to see that show! Welcome back !
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Glad you had fun and to see you back!!
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Welcome back, glad to hear you had a good time!
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There is so much to see and soooo many shoppes that you dont find anywhere else.

We are going back in the spring!!
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