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All your cats are so beautiful! Alicat....Spidey looks just like my Merlin!!

By the way, Joe...your out of TP!!! :LOL:
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Hey!! A fellow Portlander!!! I'm down by Washington Square, where are you?? BTW, I love black cats!

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Debby, I put a sign above the empty dispenser reading: "Potentially-important notice! Due to the presence of companion animals (Felis catus) the toilet paper is located beneath the sink." Michaela loved unrolling the stuff, but Tonya didn't care to bother.

Whisky's Dad, a.k.a. Keith, it's nice to meet you! I live at the intersection of Southeast Powell Boulevard and Southeast 66th Avenue. Back in the late 1970s I lived in Beaverton, not far from Washington Square, on Southwest Hall Boulevard.

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I am personal slave and Lady In Waiting to Mozzie ( as in Mosquito )
a 10 month(ish?)old, male, rescued Brown Spotted Bengal monster...*ahem*..sorry...cat

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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I saw the picture and was ready to post the exact same thing, but Debby had beaten me to it! Funny the things we notice.
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Deb, here is an image of the sign:

I made it back in the dot-matrix printer era, but it's worked so far!


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Gabrielle - 3 year old brown spotted Bengal - spayed female

Tifa - 2 1/2 year old tabby point siamese cross - spayed female
(an orphaned feral I took in at around 3 weeks)[b]
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I have two,

Tabatha is my sweet girl aged 2 and a grey tabby,
Mr. Socks is my 8 month old black and white trouble maker.

Couldn't imagine life without them
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I can't judge the distance too well from the picture, but I'm hoping that "under the sink" storage isn't too far a reach for us ladies.

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This is a 3 cat household. They are from the same
litter and will be one year old in April. Their mother
died when they were young and so I kept them all.
Knolly is white male and loves to be cuddled and just
about licks me silly.
Buddy is black male and is a cuddler also, he nips and
licks some.
Missy is black female and she likes to come to me, not me
pick her up,unless she climbs onto my lap unthinkingly,
she likes to be petted and made over.
They are alot of comfort and entertainment and I love just
watching them and having them as part of my home. We sit
on one of my two gliders in the yard or on the deck out back
and just hang out while I do a crossword puzzle or read.
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6 Kitties here:

Boddington (black male DSH) almost 2 , Merlot (white and grey male tabby DLH) 1 1/2 , Shandy (white and grey female tabby DLH) 1 1/2 , Monty (black male Cornish Rex) almost 2 , Ash (Blue male Maine Coon) 8 , Pip (black and tan tabby male DSH) 5 months
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I have 2 spoiled kitties

Socks-M-Brown/Black tabby with a white mouth and white paws-5 1/2 months

Boo-F-Brown/Black tabby with white paws and half of her legs-5 1/2 months

They are brother and sister, if you didn't notice We adopted them from the humane society when they were 3 months old.
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Toonces - spayed DSH (looks like a Russian Blue and acts like one), she will be 9 in August.

Patches - spayed DSH tortoise shell, she will be 8 in April.

Buttons - spayed DSH siamese mix, she will be 8 in April.

All of mine were rescues. Patches and Buttons are sisters and as opposite as can be. They were barely 4 weeks old when I got them. Toonces was about 2 months old and had been attacked by an animal. She was hospitalized for a week and when she came home we had to do therapy with her.
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I have 2 cats:

Elvis: Black and white male approx. 2 years old.
Kali: Silver and white Tabby approx 1 year old.
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Joe...I love the sign! Good idea!!

Sabra....the name Toonces always brings up an image in my mind of the SNL cat from several years ago, who drove a car!!! :LOL:
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Jake DSH TTTTIIIIGGEERRRR rrrrrr..... 11 or 12

they are good kiddens..... riiigggghhttt.....
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I have one cat, who used to be huge and mean and nasty, (but he has only put me in the hospital once, honest) :tounge2:, but now he is just old and sick and frail.
He is a long-haired orange tabby named Spike.
A co-worker found him on the side of the road in Scotland CT when I was in college. He was about 8 months old at that time. We have been together ever since!
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I am Chief of Staff for one young lady--Arizona.
She is a 1 1/2 year old medium-haired, white and black cow-spotted attentionhog/lovebug. (that I WILL post pictures of at some point, I promise!)
Loves: talking to/fussing at Mommy, playing with toys, knocking stuff over, and drinking out of the bathroom tap.
Hates: other kitties, people food, anything good for her (medicine, grooming, etc.)
Came to me through a "foster" program of one of the shelters here...she was living with a co-worker, who canoodled me into having her over for a visit. She's been mine (or, rather, I've been HERS) ever since.
Would love to help another kitty but afraid she'd never get over the reduction in attention!
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