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A cat roll call!!!

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Hello there:

I have:

1 tri color marble Bengal Boy almost 2 his birthday is March 11.

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hello :

I have 1 tri color marble bengal baby boy named Loki - he is almost 2 (birthday on march 11).

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I used to have a gray tabby with white named Jake but he died. Now, I have a domestic shorthair orange tabby named Rascal. He is six months and going to be neutered soon!

Whisker's Dad- I am a graduate of 1992 and I love music from the 80's and early 90's. I am not much for backstreet boys and Britney Spears.
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I've already introduced my furpals, about a bazillion times! :LOL: But I wanted to add a warm, wet Portland welcome to Whisky's Dad! I'm right next to Clackamas Town Center....Howdy Neighbor!
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I thought that this would be something fun for everyone!!!

As there are alot of new people on these forums (myself incl)and I thought that we all could tell how many cats we have, names and their ages!!

I'll start....

I have 2 cats,

Whisky 8 1/2
Oliver 2 1/2

When will my time come? Has it all been said and done? I know I'll leave when it's my time to go, till then I'll carry on with what I know!
Bonus points to whoever can tell me the 80's group that had this saying in one of their songs!!
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Hey, how did that get way up there? It seems there's a glitch in the board? My Portland welcome was posted on Monday night at 10:30 ish p.m....have no clue how it ended up at the top of the heap! :laughing2

Oh well.
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Well, I recently put this all up in the new cats on the block section, but I know not everyone reads that forum, and besides I love talking about my kitties, so here it is again:

Peaches - blue & cream classic tabby, age unknown but came to us not fully grown and pregnant in June of 1999. My guess is she was probably born in fall of 1998, so she's somewhere between 3 and 3 1/2 years old.

Big Mac - very large tux who was born July 26, 1999, making him about 2 1/2 years old.

Cookie - large (for a girl) tux who was born July 26, 1999, making her the exact same age as her brother (imagine that!).

Pepper - regulation size brown tabby girl, who, you guessed it, was born July 26, 1999. Try to guess how old she is!

PS - Missing Persons!
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Of course, Smashing Pumpkins wouldn't count since they are a 90's band........
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It's a one cat household here.
Guimauve is white and has one blue eye and one gold eye.
Two different vets put him at the cliched age of one; however, I poke fun at the kitty for acting like a geriatric cat . I think he's between 3 and 5.
He was a street kitty that someone else started to feed and then asked if I could take him in and care for him. No pets allowed, you say? He's a contraband kitty :goodbad: . I was looking to move anyhow.
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Me and my Roomate has one "Kid" each and they're names and ages are...

Patches, my "kid" she's the oldest, she's 1 years old.

Tiger, My Roomate's "kid" I think she's 1 also.

that's all.
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...and Cooie gets the bonus points!! I'm an 80's kid (Class of '87) so naturally I like the music! Never heard the S.P. version.....:flash: :flash: :flash:
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Punkins did their version around 1997, I think......
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My cats....

Merlin, Moma, Oscar, Pheobe, Sheba, Sebastion, Smoke, Whiskers, Sabrina, Dolly, Milo, Snowball, & Lips (named by a friends daughter)
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both mine are Persians
Bagpuss is a 3 year old cream female (well was) with beer colour eyes
Jake is a pure white huge fluffball again with beer colour eyes
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Sunshine, DLH-Black, 2 years old, spayed
Cymone DLH- calico/tabby, 2 years old, spayed
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Shilo - He's orange and white, he's 1 1/2 he'll be two August 4, he's a lovable little thing that likes to surpise people by jumping on thier shoulders no matter where you stand he find his way and he does it when you least expect it.
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Fluffy: Female -- black/white domestic medium-haired; 4 yrs. old
Cinnamon: Female -- tabby domestic long-haired; 4 yrs. old
Tigger: Female -- Spotted, brown Bengal; 1 1/2 years old
Gizmo: Male -- Spotted, "snow" Bengal; 1 years old
Scooter: Male -- marble, "snow" Bengal; 9 months old; Gizmo's bro!

You can see them on my webpage: http://members.cox.net/catzrus/
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Class of '87 here, also, Whisky'sDad.

I only have one great big fat, spoiled rotten, DLH, black and white, mean, nasty, insensitive, yellow eyed, ornery but loved to peices kitty ~ the infamous "Spawn". She's 3 1/2.
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K.C. is an orange tabby about 10 years old.
Katie is a long haired brown and gray who is about 7 years old.
Bear is almost all black, with a little white spot on his neck, and one white toe. He is about 3 1/2.
Fritzie is an orange tabby. He is about 2 1/2 years old.
Smudge is a gray and white long haired female. She is Almost 2.
Ferris is a brown and white tabby. He is about 1 1/2.
Rocky is gray and white. He is 10 months old.

They are all rescues. When we want to have roll call in our house we sing out......"Who wants a treeeeeeeeat" and there is a thunderous roar as 28 little paws come out of their snuggley places and converge in the kitchen where they share 2 cans of Fancy Feast.
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Squirt: male orange DSH, almost 6 yrs. old
Joey: possessed male orange DSH, almost 3 yrs. old
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Spidey ~ 7 months

Poppy ~ 3 years
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I have 5 cats,

Twinkles-9 yr old F
Tiger-Will be 2 on March 11th M
Pepper-11 month old Male
Vader-7 Month old Male
Mimi-6 1/2 Month Old Female
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I am owned by Cagney, 3 yr old female, spayed 3 months ago.

LilyBelle, 1 yr old next month, female spayed 3 months ago.

and Rudy, Cagneys son, 6 month old male, whole (til next month!)

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Dunkin, Ripley, Stryker, Cleo, Baily, Bartee, Kahuna, Karma, Pal, Kabota, Shredder
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We have two wonderful babies..........

Snuggles, 7 months, gray and white(tuxedo) domestic short hair
Twinkles, 6 months, brownish tabby, domestic short hair

They are just the best babies in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sugarly - DSH white & black almost 6 yrs old. She is our princess.
Pepperpot - DSH tortise shell, exact same age as Sugarly, Alpha cat.
Excalibur - DLH white & orange 4 yrs old, the snuggler of the group.
Merlin - DSH 3 yrs old, black & whiteaka the evil one - he's a momma's boy!
Striker - DSH Grey/brown/white tabby stripe 1 yr old, the baby aka gweeky.
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Tic and Tac....8 yrs old twin brothers,Tuxes.
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I have two Babies

Bubba 5 1/2 Years old
Scrappy 1 1/2 Years old.

They are both "mutts" but I think Bubba has a lot of Maine coon in him
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2 babies here

Faile (pronounced Fy-el) is about 10 months old, black short-hair, but with a big, fluffy squirrel tail. She picked us out last summer at a friend's house. She was skinny and dirty, and our friends already have 3 cats and 2 dogs. She is named for my favorite character in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.

Molly is 5 1/2 months old, orange tabby, and a big-time lap cat.
I got her from an ad in the paper.

The girls love to run around and play, they sound like a herd of elephants.:tounge2: They're so much fun, I will always have more than one cat.
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Michaela and Tonya live with me. Michaela was born on 14 May 1997, in our bedroom. Her mother, Sesheta, has since passed away. Tonya seems about the same age as Michaela, although it's impossible for me to know precisely. She was a rescue kitten, coming to live with us on 11 November 1997.

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