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new kitten home

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Hi I have a new kitten home 7-8week and she is eating fine but hasn't had anything to drink since i brought her home yesterday. she has a bowl with water and i have put in a cut straw as suggested on your site, but to no avail. should I be worried? is there anything i can do?
any advise would be great thanks. Faith
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You have put in a cut straw? Not sure what that means?

Use a large low sided glass bowl. At the bottom of the bowl place either washed and drained pebbles from outside, or marbles, or aquarium rock. Your kitty has a problem with depth perception at the moment- giving her a bottom to look at, making the water look like it would if she encountered it outside brings them to drink out of it quicker. If you use outside rocks, wash them in a strainer with a little bit of Dawn liquid soap and rinse them well-
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I only see my cats drinking once in a while at night. At 7-8 weeks she should be able to drink on her own, but if you think something might be wrong please ask your vet. Do you have a syringe without a needle? You can give her a drink with that. Put the tip into the side of her mouth.
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thanks for your fast advice. I'm so glad I found this site! just tried the syringe(without needle) and it worked, she was realy thirsty and I feel alot happier now. thank you again
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