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moving advice

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I'm moving next week and I'll be driving with my kitty from outside NYC into Manhattan, to my new apt, to dump one load of my stuff. Then I have to go to parents' Manhattan apt to pick up one more load of my stuff.

So for an hour or 2 my kitty will either have to

1) sit in her cat carrier alone in my new apt, where she'll be safe, but probably a little freaked out.

2)come back with me for another car trip to get the rest of my stuff. It'd make me feel better to have her in my sight the whole time, but is it mean to her to subject her to another unneccessary car trip?

What do you think?
Neither is ideal, but it must be done...
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I recommend having her sit in the carrier in the new place. I have moved many times with cats, and leaving them in the carrier until I am done for the day seems to be the least traumatic way to go. After the initial howling and carrying on, they usually settle down and do what they would be doing anyway, sleep. Good luck on your move, I hope it goes smoothly for you.
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ok, thanks.
she's generally a good traveler. A few months ago she flew from Japan to NY and was a very good girl. So this move is nothing compared to that!
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I would think it depends on whether she's comfortable in the car. You said she was a good traveler and if it were me, I would personally take her with me in the car so she would be with me all the time. I think if she is not unhappy travelling with you, that would be a better alternative than leaving her alone in her carrier in a strange place, with strange sounds and smells.
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I`d vote to leave her in the carrier....but do leave her some clothing that smells like you...and put her in a smaller room where it won`t be so freaky being alone. I`d also try to leave her at a time when she would normally be sleeping anyhow.
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