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Raising money for my dog......

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My dog cricket has had bladder stones for the past couple years, last year she had surgery to remove them and now they are back again. This time though we do not have enough money to pay for the surgery so i was thinking of selling stuff around my house on ebay.....does anyone have suggestions? i have never even sold anything on there before so i would need some tips if anyone has any......

i might put up a website with links to everything if i decide to do this.....
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Selling stuff on eBay to raise the money sounds like a great idea! The best thing to do is to be as honest as possible about the items you have for sale - if there's a chip in a vase, tell them! Oooh, and also good images of the items including one that shows up in the gallery!

I wish you lots of luck raising the money you need and i'm sure more people will be able to give you some hints and tips on eBay selling!
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I hope it works out well for you!

Try to take photos of the object you want to sell in front of a neutral background to show the object clearly without any background distraction.

And as Sarah pointed out, be sure to point out any flaws - you can even show a picture of the flaw so people will know exactly what they're getting. If your description & photos show the objects as accurately as possible, you're less likely to have problems with buyers.

For items that it would be hard to tell the actual size from a photo, it can help to photograph them with a ruler, and/or state the item's dimensions.

You can use the Ebay photo hosting service, or you can use an outside service such as Photobucket.

Try to list all the 'keywords' that apply to an item in the description, so your item will show up in more searches. (But don't 'spam' your description with words that don't really apply just to get it to show up in searches - that's not allowed). Just try to think of alternate names for the object that other people might call it (for ex: some people might call a hairstick a hair pin or a hair pick or hair jewelry).

Before listing an item, weigh it complete with packaging so you can give bidders an accurate estimate of postage costs - Ebay has tools to help you figure the postage cost once you know the shipping weight and dimensions.

There are forums on Ebay to help sellers and buyers with questions - you might want to go and look at them to get more advice about selling and shipping, and to read about the experiences other sellers have had.

Sending prayers for your sweet Cricket
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thanks for the ideas =0)
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Another idea besides selling your own stuff, although you have to have a pretty good idea of what will sell, is to go around to garage and yard sales and pick up things to re-sell if you have this option available to you. I did this with books for a while. People at yard sales will tend to price books at 0.50 or a dollar or some such, and I easily sold several hardback non-fiction titles for $10-15 on eBay. Odd and unusual items. I had people get into a bidding war over a tiki candle holder ! Collectible things, stuff like that. Nothing gives you a glow more than picking up something at a yard sale for a buck, then selling it for $20 .

Above all, honesty and upfront about your items and keep up with your correspondence! Nothing irks a potential customer more (myself included :-) ) than asking a question about an item and getting no answer or it being days before an answer is forthcoming.

Good luck!
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