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dunno what to do anymore

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Well heres my problem,freda has been with us for quite a few months now and i thought she was settling in nicely.Lily doesnt like her but she usually tolerates her. Now its like WW3 in my house. They both fight each other all day and lily hides behind doors and jumps out on her. Sometimes freda will run away from her but other times she will attack her very violently. I just dont know what to do anymore. Iv tried feliway and that didnt work...the fights are getting out of hand now and i really dont wanna give any of them up. Freda just wants to sleep all day since shes 16 yrs old and all this fighting musnt be doing her any good. Lily is just so violent with her now i think it used to be a bit of a game but now its like they wanna kill eachother. Its really getting me down and im sick of seperating them.

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions? I really need help,i know they wont ever be friends but i would like them to at least tolerate eachother. Its lily to blame becuase she wont stop pouncing on her and freda is getting to scared to eat now and im worried. If giving one up would be the nicest thing to do then i guess il have no choice but i know i cant live with them fighting all the time.
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I think they are just trying to establish who is alpha, or top cat. As long as no one is injured, let them work it out.

Garfield and Festus have been together since about 2 months old, and are best friends. Yet sometimes Festie growls at Garfield for being to rough or too energetic. Her ears will be laid back, and then she goes and hides from him. So the fighting is not a sign of hatred.
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