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Goodbye Hollee

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My partner's ex-partner contacted him today to let him know that their kitty, Hollee, had died of a heart-related problem.

She needed to be put down - she developed a strange cough and the vet said this was the kindest thing to do.

I never knew Hollee, but Max says she was the original angel - a beautiful Burmese with a sweet heart and a lovely nature.

He is understandably very upset, even though she was getting very old and it was the right thing to do.

Thoughts and sweet kitty prayers for Hollee.
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Awwww Sarah i'm so sorry Tell Max that Hollee's over the bridge now and suffering no more, and has made many new friends along the way

RIP Hollee
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RIP sweet Hollee.
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Very sorry to hear of her passing

RIP Hollee
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I am sorry for the loss of Hollee. Rest in peace sweet kitty.
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My thoughts are with Hollee.
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Hugs to Max at this difficult time. He is lucky to be with a partner who can understand how great this loss is to him.

Rest in peace, Hollee!
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Oh I am so sorry RIP sweet baby
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Rest in peace, Hollee! You were greatly loved and sorely missed! Sarah, you are so supportive & thoughtful to post this thread...it's so hard to lose a beloved kitty, even when it's the best thing to do...It does take true love indeed, to let go, sometimes..
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RIP Hollee - play happily at the bridge sweetheart
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