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Help for cats in Ohio

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this is an X-post from acme-rescueboard:

"I've been trying to find a home for the Russian Blue dumped in my
neighborhood.. to no avail.. .but I have an even more urgent case now.
A girl at work *grr* just told me her roomate brought home a kitten
last night. the KITTEN is pregnant. THe roomate was drunk. The girl I
work with *hold me back* doesn't like animals. At 2 am she put the
pregnant kitten outside. We had a sleet/snow storm last night. All
night. It had started well before 2am. She said the "darn thing drove
hernuts all night crying and scratching to get in"
Can anybody please foster this baby?? I unfortunately can't.. please
if you can help, EMAIL ME

anyone who can help either of these two cats?

gr. stef.
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If you will ship them to me in Texas I'll keep them. It's pretty cold here right now (unusually cold weather)but I'll let them in where it is warm. They can sleep next to the fireplace or squeeze in bed with me and the others.

You ought to slap that girl for putting that baby out in severe weather! UH-OH !! CATFIGHT!
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*doesn't hold her back*

Grrrr...how on Earth could anyone just sit around and ignore an innocent creatures helpless cries? What would it have hurt them to have it there at least that one night. Ooohh people like that just piss me off.

Sandie, try calling the local shelters and getting some names of the local animal network. I don't know about where you live, but here, our 'pound' is no-kill and we have a lot of no-kill shelters, but through them and other organizations there is a huge network of animal people here who do all they can to help each other. THose who can, foster, others bring over food, others donate medical services, etc. You may be surprised at what they can do for you and that poor kitty.

Thanks for spreading the word out.
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sandie, any updates about the kitten? I emailed this to my sister in Ohio who might be able to help. I think she has a friend who takes in strays and might be willing to help ...not sure though...
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This was a post on the Acme rescue board. So I havn't had any contact with her personally. I havn't gotten any updates either through the site. Hopefully someone contacted her through her e mail!!
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