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found abandoned kitten HELP!!!

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I brought it inside thinking that April might nurse it since she's still nursing her kittens, but she doeswn't seem to be taking to it. She's gotten in the box with it and sniffed it;as well as growled at it. Is there anything I can do to make her accept and nurse it?
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I think you may have to bottle feed this kitten - if your mama cat rejected it, it is because she can sense that either it is not hers (s/he would not smell like hers) or that she thinks the little one is ill. Also, she may be finished with hers and just fatigued. Maybe she has no milk left? There could be a myriad of reasons.

Read http://www.kittenrescue.org/handbook.htm and www.kitten-rescue.com and follow the directions for feeding baby kittens. Do you have any idea how old this baby is? Are the eyes open yet? Those sites can provide info. I have been thru bottle feeding kittens and it is a labour of love but must be done at regular intervals.

Kittens under 3 weeks have probs with their body temperatureso it is VERY important you keep her/him warm. Also, if you can find a snugglekitty so this baby stays warm, that would be good. You should make sure s.he is warm, however you do it. Holding it against you is one way but snugglekitties are wonderful!!

There are recipes for kitten glop on those sites. Do NOT give her cow's mil!! And you have to help her eliminate after she eats.

You could alternately contact a local Cat Rescue group and see if they have mother cats who would accept a new one. Even so, someone will likely have to ensure this kitten is fed and helped to eliminate.
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thanks, I think it is between 2 and 3 weeks old. It's eyes are wide open, but the ears are still down and it doesn't walk well. It is sneezing and I was afraid of it getting too cold/no milk outside.
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You can take the little one and rub your mom cat down with a soft towel, then rub the kitty with the same towel (as long as the kitten isn't infested with fleas). If the little one has fleas, you will risk giving your adult cat fleas at the same time.

You can also place original vanilla extract under your momcat's nose and on the kitten as well so they smell the same. But keep your eyes on them, because a mom cat can strike in a second and kill a kitten that is not hers.

Please refer to the site mentioned above. It was created specifically for people in your predicament. Your posting looks like it must belong to another post you made, if so I will merge them so the whole story can be seen.

keep the little one warm and out of any drafts-

best of luck
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I had not considered the "towel trick" or vanilla in the case of a mama and a baby. What an excellent suggestion! I hope it works!!!

Good luck with the little one!!
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I think she may be rejecting it because it's sick! I fed it this morning and then burped and stimulated it. While it was pooing it was also bleeding. It's little bottom seems very sore. I'm going to call my vet asap when it opens this morning and hopefully I'll be able to have it seen before my husband takes my car to work!
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Well, if it is bleeding it is very sick. The mom cat would reject it if it is sick. Also you should keeo it away from your other cats so they don't get sick too!
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Blood can mean a lot of different things, parasites, the kitty could have an impaction, or he could have a health issue. A vet visit is always wise when blood is evident in the stool of a young kitten.
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I wish you luck with your new little kitty.
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thanks, she has an appointment tomorrow morning. I'll update
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