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A reminder to the membership

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Watching your words before you hit submit...

TCS is a global community with one thing in common: love of cats.

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment a post is put on the board that contains a fair amount of swear words which causes concern from global members, because some words (perfectly acceptable in some cultures) mean something completely different and offensive to others.

We would ask that as you post you remember this and also that we are a G-rated audience. I know, pretty tame compared to most boards, but we still need to watch what words we use.

There are so many words in the English language, try to check the offensive ones at the door. If you question whether the word is acceptable or not, don't use the word. If you do, you will find your post being edited by a moderator and perhaps a warning waiting for you via pm or email

Thank you for making our job easier from now on-

The Mod Team
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Concider me ....

By the way In the few years that I have been here...I may have seen 3 "naughty" words...and I may have been the "pottymouth" to use one of them...So just want to say Great Job mods in the censoring department.

Also want to add that I have been a lot less vulgar in my off-line world since being on this this is definitly a good thing
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I don't know if this has anything to do with my recent post in Howards thread? but I considered since there was a smilie saying the word that it was alright to use and then my post got edited. Sorry for doing it, but I didn't believe I did anthing wrong, obviousely since the smilie was being freely used.
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Sam the smilie has been pulled from the collection, being that it was seen as unacceptable by some. That is why the mod pulled it out of your post. No other reason than that.
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Considered me edited! Promise!!!!!!!
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this is a great Advice! ....note taken, Roger, Roger!..
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Great job on the moderating! I feel I have more than enough opportunities to give rein to my potty mouth on other sites, so it's nice to come here and enjoy a decent, respectful environment!
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Yes, another "well done" on the moderating. I try to avoid using swear words at all (not 100% successful at that, sadly), and it's nice to be in an environment where they don't prevail.
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Thanks for clearing that up Mary Anne!
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I just wanted to add that there are plenty of smilies available here that you can use in place of swear words: , just to give a few examples.
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For those of you who'd like to use "cat smilies" to express your emotions, check out Cats 1 and Cats 2 at this site:
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Also, please note that 'disguising' inappropriate language is not a practice we want to begin here.
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Thanks JCat...I added those 2 pages to my bookmarks.
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Deb, you mean with *****?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Deb, you mean with *****?
Another example might be using "$" in place of an "s" in certain profanities as well.
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Tricia that is cute! Thanks!

Test..... test........

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I don't think using **** in place of a questionable word could be construed as disguising them . I think what's meant is as Squirtly said using a $ in place of an "S" or a ! in place of an "I" or an @ in place of an "A". The technique is used to get around filtering software that many forums, lists, etc. have in place.
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I would like to add to what Deb said about disguised swearing. It's not the end of the world if people start swearing, but it's also not the end of the world if we discourage it either. If anyone thinks it is a small issue... than good. You should see it as an ounce of prevention for a pound of cure like we do. Some of us have seen how swearing has spread on other boards, causing long term damage that wasn't necessary. At TCS, we expect helpful, intelligent, and funny replies as usual. That doesn't need to change. Here's to 5 x 5 more years of what we've already had.
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10/4 head honchos!

hrmn ok, when I'm mad, expect to see a lot of little "frownies" then" Well, I can't call them smilies can I!!!
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