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My daughter's dog was run over!

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We had a horrible evening yesterday.
I was at my son's house and my daughter called my cell phone.
I didnt get to it in time so I called her right back.
She could barely talk.
Something about her dog Manson being dead!
He is a black american pit bull and was the biggest baby.
I told her hang on, I will be RIGHT THERE!!
My son came with me and we raced to her house.
She had offered to work yesterday for some overtime and when her husband picked her up he had left the dog outside on a long chain that they have set up in their backyard. He worked on her Dad's car and then they ate dinner at his Mom's and headed home well before dark. It was approx. 6pm.
They got home and he had once again gotten off his chain. This was a recurring problem and they revised the way they set things up over and over trying to avoid him getting loose. He was an escape artist.
One evening I took them somewhere and when we came back he was gone and we had to scour the neighborhood looking for him but eventually found him and he was mildly punished.(made to go to the basement for a short while)
Anyway, they got home, he was gone. Jenny went walking to look and Shawn took the car.
Shawn found him. He was laying on the side of the busy cross street. (Washington Ave) He stopped the car and went to him and could see he was already dead. He put him in the backseat and found Jenny walking and took them both home. Jenny was hysterical!! From what she said Shawn wasn't much better before we got there. Someone had hit him recently and left him there.
They loved this dog like a child. They haven't been able to get pregnant yet and this was their baby. He was about 4 or so and Shawn has had him since he was a pup.
So my son and Shawn dug a deep hole and wrapped him in a blanket he used to lay on and buried him. It was soooo Sad. Jenny was bawling inside saying "don't bury my dog!!"

I have looked on Petfinder and all the local shelters online to find another dog for her. She will probably not be ready to go back to work tomorrow so I will take her to find a new dog if she is ready. I think it will help her. She needs another dog to love. I will not rush her if she is not ready.
It's so hard to see my baby that tore to pieces!
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I'm so sorry for your daughter! It's horrible when a pet is killed this way. But even worse when someone doesn't even take responsibility. I once hit a dog in the road, but I stopped and took it to the vet asap - Luckily for me the dog survived and only lost a leg - I was devastated! I had blood all over the backseat and everything, but it was worth it to know that the dog was still alive - Had I left her she may have died.

Pass on my condolences to your daughter and her SO.

Rest in Peace Manson
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Oh your poor daughter...that is absolutly heartbreaking....

I hope that you can her can find a new puppy for her to love and grieve with...

I hope she knows that Mason is in a good place

RIP Mason
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Awwwww i'm so very sorry for your daughters loss

RIP Mason
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That is so tragic, I am sorry for your DD's loss.
Many to your daughter and you all.

RIP sweet Mason
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I'm so sorry for your daughter's loss. She and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers. RIP Mason.
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That is so sad,that happened to one of my kitties when i was just 4. He was called smoodge and got him as a kitten. Some mean person ran him over and left him there to die. He must have been alive after they hit him because he manged to walk away from the road and he died right outside my friends house. I was only 4 so i didnt understand much but he was gorgeous. Im sorry for your loss.
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How terrible!!. My prayers are with you, and your daughter's's so hard to loose a furbaby..especially in such a horrific way.

RIP Mason
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I am so sorry. I hope your daughter can love another animal. I think it would help her.
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I lost a dog, Caesar the same way. He was really still just a pup, but had figured out how to get out of our back yard fence. We were working on teaching him to stay home, but one day he climbed out, and dashed into the road. He was hit.

The lady who hit him did stop, in fact she was crying harder than I was. I was so focused on picking him up gently and getting him to the vet! He died that night.

We try our best for our pets, but sometimes end up failing to keep them safe, and it is heartbreaking. Hugs to all concerned in the loss of Manson.
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Thanks to all of you for the sweet things you said!
He was a big ol' baby, and he is in a better place than this.

She has a puppy to go look at tomorrow around lunchtime that they plan to get. I told her to call me as soon as they get him and I would take her to PetSmart and we could pick out a collar and some toys and treats.
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RIP Manson

I'm sure you're now chasing rabbits and sniffing the flowers in puppy heaven!
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RIP Manson

I am so very very sorry for your daughters loss
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I am so sorry. My cat was killed by a pack of dogs last week. I still run out and look out all the time to make sure my feral cats are safe. Life is hard huh? I talk to so many people that say that is why they can never have a pet. The grief it so tough to take. Many of my friends say I take it way too hard and should never have pets. I don't listen. I lost 15 pounds after my Cocker Spaniel died. Anyway I know how you feel. I will pray each day gets better for your family.
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