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new babies arrive

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three baby nutrea have arrived here and I have them outside in the old rabbit hutch with a big tupperware bowl that will double as their swimming pool. For those who do not know, Nutrea were brought here from South America and they quickly over populated the area. They eat everything they see, not like the beavers or otters who are selective grazers. These babies are big enough that they don't need a bottle, but not big enough that they would survive on their own without mom. I just piled the hutch high with long grasses, and they will make short work of them. They are cute, their tail is more like a rat than a beaver otherwise they look pretty similiar.
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You never seem to have a shortage of new kids....I'm jealous!

We had a few Nutria when I lived next to Kellog Lake (swamp really), they were very cool critters!

They are strict vegetarians, very gentle, and smooth as a seal (almost). I was feeling really down one night and went for a walk around the lake, sat down, and a medium size Nutria waddled right up to me and crawled up onto my lap! Kinda freaked me out, but it was sooo tame! I petted it, then went back to the apt. and got some veggies, went back and sat down on the bank, and it came back and we had a little snack! They're pretty cute if you overlook their big orange/red teeth!

Weren't they brought here for their pelts and meat, since they're herbivores I heard their meat was "cleaner" than many other animals? But people here couldn't accept eating them, so they were released and multiplied into a problem? I may be a bit off, but that what I remember....it's been 6 years since I first saw one, so my memory may be a bit fuzzy. :LOL:
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I feel so ignorant! I didn't know what nutria were when I read your post, hissy, so I had to go find one on the internet! They're cute little suckers.

What are you going to do with them? Nurture them until they're full grown and release them, or are they now pets?
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I have to find a good place for them to be released in. They are considered such pests that they are usually randomly killed and no one thinks twice about it. I have a friend with a place in the Suislaw forest that might take them, there is a river near their place but they can't be released right now, or they will go into shock. They need to be fed for awhile and handled very little until they are strong enough to go out on their own.
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You have such a big heart, to take in these poor animals that most people consider pests. They are very lucky to find your house! I'm sure animals manage to communicate to each other "the people here are kind".
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I want to see a picture!! They sound really cute.
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Hissy I am sure you are a saint or an angel - you have just such a big heart you are such a great caring person
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So, how are the little critters doing??
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Our friends have decided to let me release them on their property, so we will be going there this weekend to give them their freedom. It's about time too, they are extremely active and noisy (they squeak and grunt) I will take pictures during the release and post them when I can.
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