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Moving & new kitty's

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I know this issue has been addressed quite a few time's but here's a twist:

My kitty, Jasmine, is a one year old,sh,female tabby. Since my fiancee and I are not home much during the day, we want to get her a playmate. The question is, we will be moving into a new condo in January 2002. Should we wait till then as Jasmine won't have her territory marked and they can both get used to a new place at the same time? or does it matter at all.

What age bracket should the new kitten be? 3-6 months? or older, just under Jasmine's age? We were thinking of a 3-6 month old male. Anyone with similar experiences?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Jasmine's Dad.
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I just replied to your other thread and suggested that you adopt another cat to keep Jasmine company

Provided that she's spayed, I don't see any particular territorial issues. They would probably take some time getting used to each other - could be weeks or even months. You may want to have a look at previous threads on the subject of introducing cats (try the search option at the top of the page).

I think you want a young cat that is slightly smaller than her physically. I would go for a kitten between the ages of 4-6 months. You could go to a local shelter and ask if they have a cat of this age that is particularly friendly towards other cats. Male of female shouldn't make much of a difference, just make sure she/he is neutered.

Best of luck and keep us posted!
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