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top entry litter box

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i was wondering if anyone on here uses a top entry litter box? i really want to switch and im hoping my cat will adjust.but im afraid he wont use it! i put the two boxes next to eachother and placed him in the top entry box a few times...
has anyone has success switching? how long should i keep the boxes next to eachother or seperate them?? i am afraid to take away the 'normal' box for fear that he'll go to the bathroom in some random place!!

advice? suggestions..
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If your boy likes his privacy, or if he just tends to scatter litter to the four winds, go for it!! I have a top entry box, and if not for the prohibitive cost I'd replace the other four with them!!! I originally got it for Bella, who has quite an arc for such a small kritter :laugh: but all the cats love it as well.
I wouldn't worry about him not using it - just put it in the same place as the old box (but don't put both out, that'll just confuse him) and he'll get the idea.
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I made a top entry box out of a $6 storage crate, works well as one! The only problem is my boys don't like it, they prefer their Booda Dome even though its not big enough for them! They'll use it though, when they feel like it. I suggest you leave the top off of it until he figures out that he has to jump in, then put the top on.
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I have never heard of a top entry liter box.....

anyone got a link to picture....i wanna see this thing
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There's one here. http://www.petsmart.com/global/produ...=1129515405033

I really like them. My boys, not so much.
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This is the box that I have - found for cheap @ my beloved Goodwill store!

Pam, your boys may not like the makeshift top entry box because the lid is not stable enough for them
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Thanx for the links......very interesting.......
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Actually, the top isn't even on it yet. lol They never really got past the "jump in" stage I was mentioning before. They prefer their Booda Dome, and they use it all the time, so I'm not really complaining about it.
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alrighty i'll take the other one away! or move it..just incase, lol. thanks!
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