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What cheers you up?

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As you all know, iv'e been a bit down recently because of where i'm living.

a little while ago i brought a cork board but hadn't used it, yesterday i decided to put some things on it that would cheer me up when i'm feeling down, a collage photo of each of my fur baby's, two photo's of my husband, two postcards from my favorite place, Exmouth and a lovely note from Suzie, Tiggy, Trixie and Bailey.

iv'e named it my 'happy board' and for me, it really makes a huge difference when i'm sad

obviously my husband and fur babies cheer me up the most but it's nice to have a place to put special photo's that remind me everythings not so bad.

so when your down, what cheers you up?

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When I'm a little bit sad, I like to play with my cats (they always manage to make me laugh) or get out of my apartment to see people. I'm not very good at dealing with people but I like human interaction. Even just a stranger smiling at me can really make my day.
I also like baking (while listening to music and singing along) and then eating my fresh muffins / cookies with some herbal tea or some milk and watch a good movie.

Unfortunately for me, ordinary sadness often turns into a vicious circle and I end up completely depressed. In those cases, I need to stop thinking to stop the downward spiral. So I usually isolate myself, lie down in front of the TV and cry my heart out. Then I'm ready for some chearing up.
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Sorry cat folks, but my dogs cheer me up. I also walk around looking for a kitty to hug.
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My kitties most certainly cheer me up! I guess a big bowl of ice cream wouldn't hurt either!
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Definately my kitties! And chocolate!!!!
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Some chocolate and lots of it.
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my kitties, my family(as long as it is not them i am mad at ) and the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" also puts me in a better mood.
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For me it's:
*the this board or
*a bottle of wine
*a phone call to a friend
*work (when I am there I forget everything else and focus on that)
*my GodDaughter or niece. There's something about babies that just makes me forget whatever it is that is wrong with my world.

My favorite "forget about my troubles" cure? A good book, a hot bath with music playing and a bottle of wine. Alone....LOL If Dave is here it just isn't the same.
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Cats have always cleared up the blues for me, but my wife has this long haired teacup chihuahuah (sp?) named Peekaboo who can make us laugh at the drop of a hat, no matter what. She is just a riot!
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After a horrible day at work, venting cheers me up, so on Mondays I go shopping with my best friend and we talk about how horrible our work places are. It's better then therapy!
Then of course there's the rest of the week, on those days, I come home, vent to Brad (or the cats if he's not home) and then I am ok. I think if I couldn't vent, I'd become someones worst nightmare at work.( oh how I wish I could find a new job,I have applications in everywhere but noones hiring here for squat except for seasonal help now. )
If I'm off I generally have no bad days. hmmmm..... anyone seeing a connection????
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Usually when I need some cheering up, I go to the YMCA, that always makes me feel better.

Or just some cuddling with Harley, cuz he always listens to all of my problems

Oh yeah....and chocolate!!
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Kitties, my nieces and nephews, and chocolate do it every time!
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A motorcycle ride, my kitties, a hug from my sweetie, calling my daughter, and lately, looking at pics of my adorable granddaughter, Olivia.
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Some exercise - a bike ride or hike with my DH. Watching the cats playing. Baking, then eating something yummy.
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My Black German Sherpard always cheers me up because he is so comical. My cat always cheers me up because he always wants me to pet him. Any TV Shows or movies with comedy always helps me a lot. But most of all my girlfriends smile just makes my heart melt and makes me feel good in an instant.
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Reilly cheers me up..even when he's being bad

The other day I fed him his morning breakfast and he always paws at the floor trying to cover it up (to save it for later)

Well the other day he took it one steop further and dragged my nice sweater across the floor and used it cover up his wet cat chow.

I had to wash my sweater..but it did make me laugh!
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A cup of good, hot tea.
A new nail polish.
The prospect of the weekend.
A snuggle with my honey.
And, of course, the goofy antics of the cats.
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I get a wonderful start to each and every day. I love having my feral family waiting for me to give them breakfast. We make it a "hug and love" breakfast where they get their food and I get to pet each one and wish them a good day. This has been a long and hard road for me, but I would not give it up for the world.
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A shopping high always cheers me up! The high is the feeling you get when you're coming home from shopping and you're thinking about all the new stuff you have. The shopping part is good too, but it's also a lot of work. The feeling of having new stuff that you now get to enjoy is the best and happiest part for me! Also, a candle-lit warm bath with a book or a magazine! I love to talk too, so talking with a friend is good if they're good at it.
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My girls! Whatever my frame of mind, the moment we are in eachother's presence, they bring unspeakable love and joy to my heart!

Gazing out over the ocean, listening to the tranquil waves.

I agree, that being here at tcs among friends, I am cheered constantly!
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Nothing really cheers me up.

On occasion friends & food will.
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My puppy. She can't help herself. I couldn't be in a bad mood if I tried around her - and believe me there's been times I've
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Definitely my little catty-puss. When she can pencil me in between "cuddling with daddy" and "playing with daddy" Sometimes it's jsut essential to have a pampering session - I have a shower and a face-mask and then I put on a face. It's always nice to have Rune come home and tell me I look wonderful! But he does that anyway - it's nice to feel like I made enough of an effort to deserve it! Teehee!
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My husband, our cats, and/or a good book do the trick for me!
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