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Weight Question

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I was petting Olivia at my parents house tonight and I noticed that she is very thin. She's fluffy so she kind of doesn't look it, but she seems way too thin when you pet her. She is very active and I do see her eat some when I am there, but she's 8 months old and I think Mooch and Noodles who are 7 months have a few pounds on her.

So my questions are: What are some signs to check for as far as her being underweight? I have no idea what breeds she could be and I know it makes a differance, but what would be a good average range for an 8 month old kitten? Next time we go over I'll try to check her over more as far as ribs and what not. I'm just concerned that something could be up since she is so thin. She was my Aunt's cat and she said that she has a heart problem too. Mom has 2 other cats so it's hard to monitor who eats how much. (And what the dogs have or havn't eaten out of thier bows!) Thanks for your help!
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I would advise a vet visit since I dont know if her hair would distort the body contour type charts..
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