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Kittens Playing or more than that?

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I have 2 kittens that are scheduled to be spayed and neutered on the 27th of October. They are 2 weeks shy of 5 months old.

Yesterday morning I saw my male cat on top of my female. He was biting her neck and looked like he was about to mate. I thought maybe it was playing, but normally she would be biting back. Anyway it happened again tonight and I'm freaking out. Can a female get pregnant before she has had her first heat?

I know she is not and hasn't been in heat before. We are calling the vet tomorrow; however I specifically remember asking the vet is it ok to wait because they are male and female kittens. He said the only way he would do it before 5 months was if the boy was spraying all over the house. My boy hasn't sprayed and the two times it happened he just laid on the floor and went to sleep. I'm just looking for some answers to make me stop worrying tonight. I can't find anything on here about kittens getting pregnant before going into heat.

Thanks and sorry for the long rant!

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Other members will jump in I'm sure, but yes she could get pregnant! I would call your VET ASAP and let him know what has been going on and ask to have her spayed ASAP. If she is pregnant now they can do a spay anyway. I would also try another vet if he still gives you a hard time.
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I'm just so paranoid! Right now they are both sleeping. But yes I'm definately call in at 8 am when they open!

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I called the vet and they said that she could not get prengant without being in heat, however a cat can go into heat without warning and you might not notice. So instead of chancing it we moved it up to this Thursday. The soonest it could be done. I haven't seen any more of that behavior. I'm hoping that it was just playing! They said the male could have matured faster. He is almost 7 lbs and she is just shy of 5lbs.
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I would find another vet that will do neutering earlier. Five months sounds quite late for him to be absolutely strict about age for. I had to get our Hobbes neutered at 4mos, and he was MORE than ready (his testicles were HUGE, and definitely descended by the time we took him in). Another thing, speaking of testicles descending...have his done so yet? If so, you'll definitely be able to find another vet willing to do the surgery...and they'll just tell you that if they're not fully descended, it would be an additional charge.

It doesn't make sense to me that he would make a person wait until their house is being sprayed. I've never had a vet say such a thing.

Hope that helps!
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I haven't felt them, but i can definately see them. I can tell that they are much more noticable now then they were about a month ago.

They don't do surgeries on Wednesday's and to get off of work Thursday worked better than doing it tomorrow. Our vet will not do them until they are at least 4 lbs and 5 - 6 months old. I understand the early spay and neuter are possible at other locations, but I really like this vet so i'm sticking with them.

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