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Best cat food????????

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i was wondering what the best cat food available too help reduce the amount of actual cat poo and smell. i have 3 cats and i use Purina indoor cat formula.
My brother uses SD formula and his cats poo is a Quarter the size and no stink
I ahve been reading up and is it better too just buy the premium.
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It is .... the best dry food is far far better than grocey stuff...

Brands to look at

Royal Canin
Natural Balence
Califonia natural
Feline cavier

These are all what I consider good to excellent foods ... on a five star one being yuck and 5 awsome they get 3.5 -5.... the top two are the easiest to find most pet stores have them ...

Personally I think wet food should be at least 50% of diet ...
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I like Nutro. Buddy would stink up the place. Now I sometimes to forget to check the litter, much better!!!
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ty nfor input greatly appreciated
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I would also add to Sharky's list Felidae and PetGuard.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
I would also add to Sharky's list Felidae and PetGuard.
I knew I was forgeting some...lol...thanks Pat
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i feed royal canin. either sensitive stomach (high protein) or hair/skin/coat formula.
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My vote is for Nutro products.

My kitties only get the best.
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I feed Royal Canin Persian, my cats are in excellent condition and of course they only get the best!
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My four cats eat a mixture of half Natural Balance Reduced Calorie and half Innova Light dry food. I recently found a local health food store that sells Innova/California Natural products. Prior to that I had to drive about 40 miles to get their food (Natural Balance) at Petco. I'll probably switch them to just Innova Light once we run out of the Natural Balance. I've yet to find a premium canned food that they will eat though. They love Friskies canned (which I know is definately not a premium food)! I don't know whether to give up on finding a premium canned they'll eat or just feed them the lower quality Friskies canned with their premium dry. I have four cats and they split one 5.5 ounce can twice a day, so it's not like they're getting a huge amount of canned each day. My previous cat ate Friskies canned and Purina Cat Chow dry her entire life (this was long before the internet and sites like this that taught me about premium pet foods). She lived to be 18 years old though.
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I give my kitties Nutro Natural Balance dry food. I wish I could remember which message it is, but someone posted a link to a great web site discussing the importance of giving good food to kitties that does NOT contain animal by-products.... The article also mentioned that it is good to change the flavors or types of food every so often to make sure they are getting a balance of nutrients.

Does anyone know which message that was?... I wish I had bookmarked it!
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Buffy and Willow were fed California Natural for a few months (June till August, then I tried Innova from August till September, then went back to CA Natural from September till a week ago). OMG, there was absolutely no stink to their poops. I switched them to Innova in August but went right back when I realized how smell-free the poops were on CA Natural. Lately, though, the poops have been a bit stinky so I've recently bought Innova EVO. I'm hoping I see some good results, but who knows.
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