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the dreaded cone

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My cat is recovering from surgery and has to use the cone for 10 days. She is miserable -- walking into walls, trying to get comfortable . . . I take it off for eating, litter box and nothing else. Does anyone have any tips for making cats comfortable while wearing the cone?

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no advice, just commiseration. i tried to use a cone on Pixel, to keep her from washing off an ointment, but she kept trying to 'back' out of it. i finally took it off - she was just too unhappy! good luck with yours maybe you can make her a little outfit from a sock or something to keep her out of the stitches instead of the cone?
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I'm keep thinking I should just take it off, but I don't want him to gnaw at the sutures and I can't monitor when I am at work or asleep (plus, following Fletch around and poking him whenever he's licking the sutures is no fun for him either). The little outfit is not a bad idea -- maybe I know someone with a small dog who has a spare sweater!

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Trust me it will take a few days - but she'll get used to it. My Loki used to walk backwards, into walls etc. but it's better than what could happen. Just giver her lots of extra attention and pettens.
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What kind of surgery did he have?

You actually may be able to take the e-collar off without taking a significant risk. When the vet sutures an incision, it is not like sewing cloth where it is one string and one continuous line. They make a stitch, tie it, cut it off, and repeat. So the worst case scenario is likely to be that he will just tear out one skin suture, which isn't a great thing but also definitely would not be enough for his guts to fall out or something similarly horrible.
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He had a tumor (hopefully benign) removed from under his front leg (I guess the cat equivalent of the area between teh chest and the belly). I just don't want it to get infected if he licks it a lot (the vet said a little licking is ok, but he can't groom himself). He had the surgery on Friday, so I will probably relax when it's been seven days and he has really started to heal.
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Could you use Vetwrap on the paw instead??? Its not sticky and I would think it would be hard for a cat to remove????
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awa the lamp shade.. Poor baby...I feel bad when they have to wear them. if you take it off just monitor them...so they don't lick as much
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My Isaac had to wear the e-collar after being neutered. He got over it. The only time it bothered him was when there were loud noises so I would just lock him in the bathroom when I was going to vaccum. The best part of the story is the fact that it took 5 vet techs to get an e-collar on a 5 month old 5 lb cat. As I told the vet tech, That's my Isaac.
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