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2 Cat stories for ya!

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A few nights ago I was taking a nice relaxing bath. Morgan, as usual, was just staring at the tub in disbelief that I would immerse myself in water. I got out, drained the tub, went to brush my teeth, when I hear *splash*! Poor Morgie jumped on the side, and being the klutz she is, fell in. Needless to say, I found out she doesn't like water.

Today I brought Riley to meet my parents. He loved the house, was a good kitten in the car. Unfortunitly, on the ride home, he peed in the carrier. To make it worse, he laid down in it! So I had to give him a bath. Found out he doesn't mind water much, or he just really is the easy going cat the shelter said he was.
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Oh no!!, sound like quite the ordeal!
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Rowdy and Buddy are always fascinated, when I'm in the tub. Rowdy sits on the side and swats at my razor and Buddy stands on his hind legs and peers over the edge. Rowdy fell in, once and was not happy about it. That hasn't stopped her from sitting on the edge of the tub, though.
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No such thing as privacy eh? My Pushkin likes the candles I light when I take a bath. I'm waiting for the day when Wiggies falls in the tub 'cos he's always running along the edge.
It's great that Riley let you bathe him with little fuss!
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