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Urinating Problems

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Hi! I'm new on here and have been trying to find out why my new kitten has started weeing on my bed and the bed in the spare room. We can't figure out why she is doing this but will take her to the vets for a cat 'MOT' just in case there is an urinary infection.

The problem only seems to occur very early in the morning [between 4 and 7] when we let her sleep in the bedrooms. Should it not be an infection do you have any ideas on what it could be? I read in one book that she could still be getting used to her new surroundings, so when she wakes up in she night be disorientated and therefore not be getting to her litter tray in time.

Also with her weeing problem what is the the best thing to clean up after her? I've been using Vanish cleaner and normal detergent but not sure if these are the best things to use.

Many thanks

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You need a good enzyme cleaner www.odor-destroyer.com or www.zero-odor is what you need.

Also, very young kittens are not trained to hold their bladder, they will pee wherever they are. Your kittens likely needs more litter pans. It is unusual for very young kittens to have urinary tract infections as well, but a vet visit will give you peace of mind.
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She's definately getting better now as time goes on. She's nearly 11 weeks old now so I have been putting it down to age so far. Thanks for the links I now kno what I'm looking for. I've thought several times about getting an additional litter tray and putting it upstairs so I think it would be worth a try.
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