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Eek! Weight jump!

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Moogle's Weight.

10/14 6 oz
10/15 6 1/4 oz
10/16 7 oz !?!?

That seems like a LOT, but he's peeing and pooping normally. In fact his diarrea is all but gone. Should I be worried. If he'd LOST that much I'd panic.

I know weight gain in a very young kitten is a good thing, but most of the sites I visited said only a gram or two a day was normal. Moogle gained 3/4 an oz in 24 hrs.
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3/4 an oz is 21 grams, which is the upper end of normal for weight gain. I have had kittens gain this much and more. You're aiming for a gain of 10-20 grams a day. Make sure you weigh at the same time each day and be aware of the formula weight if you've just fed him ie. a ml of formula will weight about a gram.
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It's a lot but still normal. Dead-center normal is .33 oz per day, or 1 oz every 3 days. Your guy gained an ounce in 2 days which is just a little above average.

Plus as Tania pointed out, weight can be affected by how recently he was fed or went potty, since eating adds weight and going potty subtracts weight. It's not much, of course, but when you are measuring weight in fractions of an ounce it definitely adds up.
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