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WooHoo! My hubby & I got last minute tickets to join his folks this week in Myrtle Beach, So.Carolina; but, and this is good for me , we fly to Rawleigh, NC & drive down... and I LOVE to see the local sights ( I hate shopping, and isn't that what touristy spots are all about?). IN fact, I've been to Nashville 3 times & have yet to see the music area, but I've been to church, the Humane Society Shelter , participated in political fundraisers, etc., the local feedstore, the county get my drift. I love good restaurants, scenic viewpoints, thrift stores, historical sites; I prefer driving small, 2 lane roads vs. the freeways; anyway, it sounds so green & pretty there, and I feel that getting to Myrtle Beach is going to be as much fun as being there! If you don't want to post so publicly, you could PM me. I have only tonight to prepare for this trip, as we drive to Reno tomorrow, to fly out first thing Tues. am. Any hints are greatly appreciated!!! Susan