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Vibes needed for Midnight

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Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later. . . Mom's cats have always been indoor/outdoor, and have remained so by default, as Cinnamon has a doggie door to come and go as he pleases. Midnight, however, is primarily indoor, as she refuses to use the doggie door for her comings and goings.

This morning I let her in, not realizing she had been out all night, and she headed straight for the basement. I went down a few minutes ago and found her asleep atop the dryer, her favorite perch, with a gaping slash across the bridge of her nose . We're off to the ER vet now. that it's nothing major, but send her some quick-healing vibes, please.
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Oh Erica. I hope Midnight will be alright. Thinking of you both.
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Sending Midnight vibes! Hopefully it'll just be a matter of a few stitches and shots.
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Oh no! I hope she is okay!
Sending good vibes and prayers for Midnight!
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All my best wishes are being sent to Midnight.
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How terrible!!, sounds like poor Midnight got into a fight with something nasty!!, my get well vibes are with her...please keep us posted on her progress.
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Erica...I'm sending some healing vibes to precious Midnight.
Let us know how she does at her vets.
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Hugs for Midnight!!!
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Thanks to all!! Knew I could count on you. Midnight is back, and aside from her legs still being a bit wonky, sh'e's back to normal. She did require sedation and a couple sutures across her nose, but thankfully it didn't affect either of her eyes.
She has a small bald spot over her left eye because I saw some blood there and asked them to check, but it seems that was from the nose wound and not a second cut. She looks like she's permanently got that 'eyebrow' raised .

So, Clavamox drops x10 days and she'll be OK - but I doubt she'll be anxious to go out again any time soon
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Don`t count on it! She`ll probably be ready to want out before you know it.
I`m glad she`s OK and that you took her to the vet to get repaired.
Best to you Midnight!
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You are such a brave little patient Midnight. Be good for your Mommy while you are healing.
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