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Cat not happy with new kitten

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I originally have two cats, Piyo-Piyo, a 2 1/2 year old fixed female that I got first, then Beefalo, a 2 1/2 year old fixed male I got seven months later. Those two took a couple of days to warm up to each other but now they are best friends. They both were very agreeable when I added a mini dachshund to the mix, they all play and have fun. Two weeks ago my female was meowing really loudly at the back window. I opened the door and she ran out and showed me a small, bloody, very skinny male kitten. We brought it inside and nursed it to good health, while keeping it in a seperate crate for the cats to adjust to. My female hissed for a while, and then she just wanted to play with the kitten, my dog loves the kitten and the kitten loves everyone. Beefalo, the male, does not love the kitten, he has stopped sleeping on the bed, he hides and hisses and snorts when the kitten is in sight. He used to be the most loving cat ever, and we still snuggle him and pet him and give him treats, when he'll eat them. I rarely see him eat or drink, but at least he still does it on occasion. Giving either one up is not an option, I just want a happy family, and the kitten wants to snuggle with Beefalo. I am so sad for poor Beefalo, we show him extra extras love, but he is so upset. Will he get over this, and how long might it take, and is there anything I can do to speed up the process?
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Beefalo may feel threatened by the new male (even though it's just a playful kitten). I can only suggest you give him time.
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I think I'd find the kitten a new home. BEFORE the other male decides to mark his territory (even if he is fixed). If everyone was fine with each other before the new kitten, then 4 is a crowd.

For the sake of all, adopt the little kitten out. I had a female Russian blue who hated all other female cats - she would grudgingly allow another male in the house but despised other females. Perhaps your male feels he should be the only male cat in the house.
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Beefalo may have been a tom before being fixed. Toms instinctively don't like kittens- If the kitten is over 2lbs a competent experienced vet can safely fix it. This also prevents the weight gain seen in 6 mo olds. I don't like to see cats fixed older than 3mo. Females can get pregnant at 4 mo and males begin to become potent. If this is the source of beefalo's issue fixing the kitten will prevent it from developing gender traits and prevent either cat from feeling competitive. The kitten will grow and he will get over it.

In the mean time: Get a Feel-away plug-in. It releases a soothing pheromone that will be quite helpful. You won't smell it, and your cat won't realize it. If need be get two for a large house. And there is also rescue remedy: whole foods has it. It is herbal and very soothing. 

Also wash the kitten and get Beefalo's sent on it. Using luke-warm water washing the kitten keeping to damp towels and small amounts of water on the head to prevent it from going down his nose or in his ears. It is easiest to put the kitten in shallow water in a sink and gently damp him by hand. This also prevents the fear of running water most have. I recommend a baby shampoo such as Johnson and Johnson: (you won't need much) it won't harm the kitten's coat and isn't toxic.  Unlike a certain brand starting with H----. Rinse kitten gently with clean luke-warm water. Best to move him away from sink in a towel while you do this then put him back in the shallow water. Then gently dry kitten with soft towels until he's barely damp. Take something with Beefalo's scent on it and rub kitten down thoroughly! Then finish drying kitten. If he seams cold keep him with you so that your body heat will warm him. Then when he's a normal temperature set him down.

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Second on the Feliway, and scent swapping techniques. A bath for both the kitten and Beefalo, so that they smell the same, would probably go a long way. Also neutering the kitten as soon as it's old enough (I got my Boots done at 3.5 months) will really help.

Also, realize that in the wild, male cats and other females stay away from mother cats and their kittens, because if they come near the mother will perceive them as a threat to the kittens and attack them. While your female is exhibiting mothering behavior, poor Beefalo probably just thinks he's going to get beat up by the kitten's mama when she shows up, so he tries to stay away from it or scare it away. It will take him a while to realize that the kitten's mom isn't coming back. Kramer, my older cat, absolutely HATED baby Boots when he first showed up, but now they are like brothers.

In addition, cats recognize new things and each other, and people, by smell, so if the kitten hasn't been bathed and still smells like his mom, or something weird, Beefalo won't like him.

You don't have to give the kitten up. Just be patient with Beefalo, and understand cat language. smile.gif

Please keep us updated!! vibes.gif
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Wait.... I just realized this thread is six years old. laughing02.gif
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