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More vomit

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We've been on our 4th trial of cat food with about a month's success until yesterday. Emma puked three times. The food is dark brown. Her vomit is the same color as it was with the old food (a yellowy tan that Purina One has..still a tad mixed in with the new food but not enough to amount to anything at all, I thought- a few morsals per serving of the old food). I can't understand it. At 1:00am, I heard her retching and woke up to find a big puddle on the floor. No hairballs like before, just that yellowy color. So, I decided not to give her more food this morning (just crumbs left) and she was crying and hollering like she was starving. I don't know what to do. I didn't see a hairball and the new formula is a hairball formula. Any thoughts?
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Is there actual food in the throw up, can you see any food morsels? Basically, I'm trying to make sure that this is solid what she is throwing up and not liquid. This is very important because if it looks like food then she just has a sensitive tummy. Which means if she eats and then starts playing she has the potential to throw it up or the morsels might be too big for her or it could be the formula. You could try crusing up her food in a baggie with a hammer to see if that helps any.

However, if it's liquid then I am worried because there could be something wrong health wise and there are numerous things that could be atributed to this.
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maybe she shovels it in like my mom's girl piper - when she does that she barfs. What worked for her is to change from a bowl to a square or rectangular dish - this prevents the from shoveling and of course not chewing properly. Also why not give Science Diet for sensitive stomachs a shot.
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The puke has some food particles in it but is liquidy. It's 50/50. All the same color. She's pooping fine and doesn't appear to be ill.

My theory: I'm not a pro so I don't know if it's physically possible...since the food is still mixed a little bit, she's digesting the new food and not digesting the old food (hence the same color in puke as the old food). Is that possible does anyone know? I'm DEFINITELY giving her all new food now after last night.
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I would go with your instinct. Give her the new food for at least a week or two and see how often it comes back up. Cats with allergies or a food intolerance also seem to do well if you add some omega 3 and or 6 fatty acids to the diet, just a thought
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