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Hello -

Beauty has always had dandruff toward her tail for as long as I've known her. My bf says that she's never shown any signs that something internal is wrong, so he hasn't been too worried.
Since we've moved into this apartment 11 mos ago, her dandruff has gotten the point that's it's staying on the furniture. We've given her baths and I give all 3 cats wet food about once a week. We've given her a bath with dandruff shampoo (which turned into a funny story). The dandruff is still there.
In the past month the dandruff has spread all along her back. I'm combing her as often as I can to help get rid of it, but still I'm just wondering if there's any suggestions to help it. with the winter months coming we're thinking the air is dryer. Would placing out a humidifier help?
She shows no signs of fleas, I've been checking when I comb her. Just curious if its just the dry weather or if someone's cat showed the same kind of signs and it turned into something more.

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It might be worth having her checked over by a vet. Sometimes poor coat condition can be a sure sign that all is not well with your cat.
It can be anything from a lack of essential fatty acids or vitamins to something more serious.
Always best to check with a vet first.
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my mom's girl piper has dandruff - she was checked and the Vet stated - some cats are just greasier than others - like in humans. A lot of brushing will help and you migh want to add some Omega 3 oils to her diet, a warm air humidifier could help as well as. Good luck and keep on brushing..
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Thanks...I do have the Omega-3 suppliment from the pet store, but we kind of scarred them of it. When I first got it, the bottle was amoungst the shampoo bottles; which is what I was at the petstore looking for. I thought it was the most ingenious thing: Meat Flavored Shampoo. Obviously I realise now there is no such thing. LOL.
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rofl, meat flavoured shampoo

As for the dandruff, it's also a sign of stress. Maybe she's still stressed about the move? And maybe you're brushing too much? My dog is getting some dandruff and I'm wondering if it's from the excessive use of the slicker brush I'm using practically every day. What food do you feed? Sometimes skin problems can be fixed by putting the animal on a better food.
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It's been 11 months since the move, so I doubt she's still stressed.
We feed all the cats Purina Complete. I have thought that maybe it might be diet as well, but when I began moving them over to the new stuff (Purina Indoor) Beauty would only eat the Complete.
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I personally would try a higher grade of food and see if that helps.
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I would try a better quality food. I had my four cats on Iams for a very short time (two large bags only). Three of them were fine while on Iams, but my black short haired cat got horrible dandruff (which is very noticable on a black cat)! The only thing that had changed prior to the dandruff appearing was the new food. I switched them to Natural Balance and within a few weeks the dandruff dissappeared. There was obviosly something in the Iams causing the dandruff. I also had my three dogs on it during the same time. My Golden got horrible dandruff too. My two Poms eat Natural Balance and my Golden eats Innova Senior now (no further problems with dandruff either).
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better food... try fo one with at least 3% omega 6 and omega three on the label
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Thanks for the recommendations...I'm definitely going to try changing the food now. Then add the humidifier (cause the humans are dry too! LOL).
Wow, I guess I really never paid that much attention to the label though. I went to Purina's site and the complete only has 1.3% of the Omega 6. Other brands like IAMs has 2.4%...poor Beauty!!!
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Check out Nutro Natural Choice, it has 4% ( You won't find this much in any food you can find in a grocery store and a lot of premium foods don't have this much either.
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I stopped by the pet store last night and decided to try to Royal Canin. The Natural choice was $14 for a 3 lb bag there!!! The Royal Canin Skin & Beauty 37 was only $11 for a 3.5 lb bag. So I went with that, since they not only have 4% Omega-6, but I just read how RC will guarantee catsite members 200% total satisfaction.

Patches and Luna pounced on the food as soon as I placed it out. Beauty didn't seem interested, but then again, she might not have been hungry. She's one of those cats that you almost never see it, but is somehow the biggest of all 3.

Needless to say, I'm not getting that 200% back because by morning the bowl was empty and the other bowls with the Purina were still pretty full. So now I'm mixing the two foods to give everyone a fair shot.

It really amazes me though how most of the foods, even IAMs, have little nutrition for skin and coat. And how expensive it is once you find it!
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Is it possible that there's something she's allergic to, and that this something is more prevalent in the new home? My cat Oz has allergies (although his symptoms are goopy eyes and the occasional sniffle), and since we've moved into our new apartment (which is cleaner than our old place, because I'm anal retentive and our old roommates were soooo very not!) his allergies have improved. I'm not saying you're messy or anything, but just that every home is different, and your new place may have something that disagrees with your kitty. (I wonder ... Is it possible to get anti-histamines for cats?) Just a thought ... HTH!
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It could be allergies too.

I figure the food couldn't hurt since it only costs $11 versus the $100 vet bill (which may wind up telling me to buy better food...LOL).

Like I said too, she's been mild with the Dandruff up until the past 2 weeks since moving in. Plus I think BF said she's 10, going on 11 years old now. So age may play a factor too.
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Grizzly has dandruff by her tail too. My vet said this is due to her being a bit heavy and unable to groom herself well in that area. However we heat our house with wood and it does seem worse in the winter months. There is no problem now-I just have to have to keep her brushed in that area (she has medium length fur as well!!)
She is the only one of the 4 to have this problem.
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Ive been reading about flaxseed oil (organic) putting this in the cat food is really good and i mean really good have a read on the net about its benefical propertys for complete well being....i believe anything natural and organic rather than harsh chemicals is the way forward.....keep up the brushing this will help with the dander and the coat will improve but please try flaxseed oil.....any health shop will set it.....about a teaspoon per meal is gr8....x
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Oreo's been having some dandruff problems too.. and it all started when I started using this anti-shedding shampoo :[

Even after I stopped using it she still has it
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My friend has a persian with really dry skin, she mixes a little vit. e (she punctures the capsule) wiht her wetfood and it has really been helping.
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