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Anyone else flooded?

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I was curious if anyone else in the Northeast is flooded out right now. We were supposed to be away this weekend, but got a call later yesterday afternoon that our basement is flooded and had to come home. We had 4" of water down there and are still pumping it out! Poor Abby's litterbox and food were in the cellar, so she was very upset and still is.

The pictures of the flooding they are showing on the news are amazing and we were lucky compared to many others.

I was wondering how everyone else was doing?
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What a disaster! Poor little Abby, here special places have been flooded! This must be quite upsetting for all of you. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this! Sure hope everything is back to normal very soon.
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Oh no! I hope you guys can dry out soon!! Abby keep those toes dry!
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nj is doing OK, except for some flooding prone areas.
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That's terrible Karen!!, I hope when things dry out there isn't too much damage.
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Luckily my house is fine, but a lot of nearby roads are closed. It's annoying but I'm glad I'm safe! I know of some people whose homes are flooded.
I'm thrilled the sun is out! I don't usually complain about the weather but 10 days of rain was a bit much.
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Wow Karen, I'm sorry to hear that. Poor Abby! We didn't have any flooding in my area of PA, just a lot of rain and heavy. I've been seeing on the news how bad some areas were hit though.
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We have had alot of roads flooding here. My house and cellar is ok TG. The extra high tides alone with the high winds and heavy rain has caused shore roads to wash out. We drove down around the shore road today at high tide and watched the waves come crashing up over the roads..Streams are over running their bankings.
After dark driving you have to be carefull. Roads are flooded where you least expect it. The leaves have finally peaked here ,just today I have been noticing how much they have changed in the past few days. To bad the wind is quickly stripping the leaves off. I hope the sun comes out so I can enjoy the fall colors.
The weather report sounds encouraging.
Sorrry you had to cut your trip short and come home.
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Well from the 10 days of record rain, I had a bit of water mixed with oil in my basement, but its gone now.
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We are all good in Salem....but i know the south shore of new england got slammed
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I'm glad to hear that no one else is floating

The water is all out of the cellar now - it smells bad this morning, and I just came back from buying a heavy duty dehumidifier - I hope it helps!

Abby will now sit on the cellar stairs and look into the cellar. Yesterday she was too scared to even do that.
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Sorry to hear about your flooding issued - my mom's basement was flooded 2x over the past 2 years - the last time it had 4 feet of water - YIKES. Also cleaning your basement with a bleach based solution will help prevent mold.
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I am sorry for you that are flooded. I am sure it is terrible to clean up the mess. We always have hurricanes here to deal with. Right now we are watching that storm in the Gulf. They are showing it crossing Fla. I hope it does not come up the NC coast.
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Karen, I hope it eases up there soon! Abby will get use to going back down in the cellar...I am sure she is just scared out of wits--poor thing. Keep us posted, we'll be praying and hoping all goes well in the next couple of days and the smell is gone!
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Sending (((((((good vibes))))))) Karen...

I figured the poor Abby!......hugs to her!....
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Oh no Karen! I'm so sorry for you all and especially poor Abby . I'm glad she's handling things better today and very glad Abby is better today.

Hmmm, with that smell....maybe now you have an excuse to go splurge at Yankee Candle?
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I would also run a couple of fans too!!! Plus a good idea to stock up on some bleach too.
Do you have a sump pump in your basement??? Most of the soils around here are clay and a sump pump is basically mandatory!!! I'm on 14 ft of sand so its okay but Duck Creek is about 250 ft or so from our house but the road by our house is much higher than the creek-the houses on the other side (only one really) would have a problem but they have the land on that side for about a couple hundred feet in watershed so that should help us out. I just am amazed at all the rain last week my sister in central VA said they got 7 inches of rain in 2 days!!!
post #18 of 22 you live near taunton???

I just heard on the news that the dam there is about to burst there..I think they may be evacuating.....

good luck and stay safe
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My mother just called telling me the same thing. I used to live one town over from Taunton, but we moved at teh end of December. We live closer to Providence, RI now.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
My mother just called telling me the same thing. I used to live one town over from Taunton, but we moved at teh end of December. We live closer to Providence, RI now.

Good i am glad that youre not near there...but i feel wicked bad for the people livingnear that dam...i hope they stay safe
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Abby says thanks for all of the nice words! She is still a bit skittish around the cellar, but has checked it out a few times today.

We do not have a sump pump, we normally do not get water like this, but we have been talking about it today. It's something we may need to look into.

I went to Home Depot this morning to get a new dehumidifier. They were all out of pumps and wet-vacs. The dehumidifiers were flying off the shelves. If I had gone a little later, I am sure they would have been sold out. I have been running it on high since this morning, and the smell does not seem as bad.
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Originally Posted by Nebula11
Good i am glad that youre not near there...but i feel wicked bad for the people livingnear that dam...i hope they stay safe

My thoughts REALLY go out to the people in that area. It is one of the lower income areas of that city, if something happens, it will be very hard for many of the people to get back on their feet again.
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