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Hi! I have had Bennett for about a month now. He has been to vet and is healthy. However, he was recently allowed to come in the house. He had to be out in the garage because of ear mites and I have another cat. Recently his stools have become runny and he leaves droppings outside the litter box. I don't know if it is from his food or not. He was on kitten food and doing fine. Then when he came in the house I think he has been eating my other cats food. I tried a different brand but I don't think that is working. Is there a kind that I could try that may help this problem or is there something more wrong with him?
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Maybe he needs further testing for parasites, which do not always get looked for on the first standard exam. I would ask the vet to do a full fecal exam.
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I agree....I`d have him checked out too...and maybe ask your vet about food while you are there. You`ll probably want to find a way to feed your kitten and your adult cats seperatly most of the time till the baby gets older.
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How old is Bennet? Do you have two litter pans and are they kept scooped out regulary? His runny stool could be due to stress at being inside full time now, and contact with the other cats, or he could have parasites. I would run a fecal in to be checked
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I did have 2 litter pans but they both used one. And I do keep it scooped out. I am going to try another brand of food after I talk to the vet and see what he recommends.
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