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Help!! my kitty is not eating!

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Two days ago my 1yr old cat has stopped eating. About two weeks ago she had been sick (the cause was that she swallowed some thread and which was blocking a bit her stomach and therefore shw was also constipated) by Vet advice we had given her a purge which seemed to help (we found also bits of long thread in her feaces) Ever since then she has stopped eating her dry food. However she used to eat a bit of chicken which we would give her and some Tuna. Now she has stopped eating altogether. I have given her wet food which she sniffs but does not eat.
when i offer her pieces of ham (i usualy never do but she likes them and i wanted to see if her apetite was what was wrong and not the food) she licks the ham, chews it then spits it out again whole. the same with the tuna. To me it seems she is hungry but cannot eat. Anyone can tell me what the problem might be please????
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It might have been helpful if you had put some of this info in your other post. I will say the same as the other - ring your vet.
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I suggest you get her to the vet asap. It is very dangerouse for a cat not to eat. She has a serious risk of developing Hepatic Lipidosis, which is basically the liver packs up.
Have you tried heating the food? Sometimes that helps. Maybe even syringing some food into her mouth?
Please get her to the vets today if you can.
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Ill try heating the food. thanks for the tip - ill get to the vet tomorrow..here in Malta we are a bit limited as regards to vets and i dont know if any open on sunday. Thanks
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If she hasnt eaten for a day or more I cannt stress enough how important it is to get her to eat. Make sure you dont over heat the food. I some times just add a little boiling water and mix it up thoroughly.
I know its hard to get vets sometimes, here and in other countries, but I would maybe try phoning around today to see if you can get one, if not keep trying to get food into the poor baby. She must eat to save her liver from packing in. Hepatic Lipidosis can be reversable but you have to persist in feeding her. Try also some of the Yahoo groups, I know there is one for assist feeding which may help you further.
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It's very difficult - she must eat to avoid liver damage, but if she still has any blockages then eating could harm her too. She needs a vet and probably an Xray to see if there is still some thread inside her. Meanwhile if she will not eat solids maybe you can give her some liquid - goats milk or chicken broth, to keep her system going, however lightly.
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