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Not so stray cat...????

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For nearly a week there has been a lovely male silver tabby greeting me at the door ... He is a very sweet kitty...

He has no collar but I found his "mommy".... She is an older lady( i am 28) who is living with her kids till her house is done... I have taken kitty home accorss a at times very busy street , Mommy wont keep him in she says she doesnt know how.... This cat is trying to get in the house something the other visiting cats never do... Help what do I do .. this cat is supposedly owned and is in good shape but it keeps spending time at my house and trying to get in when I open the front door or if I make it to the walkway he jumps out to rub against me... I would like him to stay home....lol... or at least on his side of the street ... nothing deters him not evan my dog... The mommy just says ohhh he is friendly and is coming to visit your animals... So far he hasnt gone in the back yard where my kitty plays...
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Don't feed him whatever you do. He'll never go home then. I guess the best you can do is just try to ignore him. He may eventually go elsewhere. Or you can lavish him with love and have a great outdoor friend!
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I had a cat come to the door and we loved him. He brought us mice every day. We let him in and fed him. We brought him to the vet because of a "nasal sound". They had tp "Bag" him for examination. They told us he was a neutered male and clipped his nails for about a hundred bucks. We brought him home and he bolted never to be seen again. We had him for about two months.
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Even though she's not really a stray, I'm going to move this to Caring for Strays & Ferals. I think our stray experts will have some good advice for you.
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Hmmm... I know this sounds bad, but I'd be tempted to adopt him and keep him from crossing back over that busy road. If his current owner isn't that interested in him, maybe he'd be better off with you?
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that is the predicament ... she may love him but I have feelings like open the door and let him in... So far I am only petting him and giving h2o and a safge trip accross the street
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Another Time a kitten much too small to be on his own showed up at the door. We let it in and had kept it for several weeks. The news came to us that the new poeple down the street lost their cat. So against better judgment (we knew who they were) We returned the kitten. Over a period of years we watched as the cat was often locked out of the house and obviously was neglected become like an alley cat. After a bout of the husband breaking up the furniture the wife caught him offgaurd outside and ran him over with the van a few times. She went to prison and he went to rehab and the property was disolved and the cat was left to fend for itself. The cat made neighborhood rounds for a while and slept here and there. Finally one day Spike just disapeared. I should have just kept the cat. I feel bad about it still to this day. Sometimes I think cats can use "another place" in their lives.
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Originally Posted by Sailfish
Finally one day Spike just disapeared. I should have just kept the cat. I feel bad about it still to this day
I dont feel bad - hindsight really is a wonderful thing isnt it?

as with the original question from sharky - I dont know what to advise.

But I have a similar experience - in the last place we lived (a group of apartments) we had the next door neighbours cat try and come inside our apartment and want pets from us and such... such a beautiful kitty and it broke my heart that her 'owner' didnt seem to are that much. She said she loved her so very much, but then would go away for a week and leave her outside....
years later, we moved away but DH's parents still came down to stay in the apartment from time to time (they owned it). It was discovered that Missy's owner had just moved out and left her there I started a thread about it here .I cried for days and days over this and it was approaching winter here. Eventually I found her a home with some friends of mine and she is now living the life that she so deserves.

My point here is not to adopt the kitty but I just want to let you know I understand how you are feeling right now... I just wish this kitty wouldnt have to cross a busy road.

Is there no chance you can keep talking to her owner and making her understand what is going on?

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Thank you... and update... the kitty missed getting hit by milliseconds... I deliver him home every evening.. for how long I can keep him out of the house has yet to be determined...
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