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What a pain in the...

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Back!! A couple of years ago, I had really bad back pain due, according to the physical therapist, to slightly misaligned hips. We fixed it back then, but I think its coming back again - my back's been hurting for several days now, and I don't know if its a "I've been busy and stressed" type of hurt or a "hips not lined up" type of hurt. Do you guys have any home remedies for back pain? I'm gonna go see the doctor in a few days if it doesn't clear up, but I'd rather not waste the visit if its just strain. Thanks in advance!
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I really think you should see what your doctor says before taking anything. Some meds are contraindicated depending on what kind of back pain it is - and it is hard to recommend anything without knowing what else you might be taking. Anti-inflammatories are good for muscle spasms but they have some adverse reactions. And acetamenophen is not as good for muscle or joint pain but it is easier on the stomach but too much is hard on the liver and kidneys. I think you would be wise to see what the diagnosis is first!
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I agree you should definitely see your Dr. as soon as you can get in. In the meantime, would a heating pad help? Sure hope you're feeling better soon!
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Belated thanks guys! I've got an appointment with the physical therapist, but they couldn't fit me in until Monday. So now I get to drive home this weekend with my back being a pain, not to mention get through another two and a half days of classes, computer work, and meetings. Other than lots of aspirin (don't worry, I'll be safe with it) anyone have tips for keeping the pain down?
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A heating pad works well for me. And ibruprofen for muscle spasms - don't mix drugs though, obviously.
Have you ever been to a chiropodist (sp)? Perhaps some orthodics would help your hips line up better, and prevent further pain.
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Ice or heat, whichever works for you. I rarely suggest home remedies to my patients (liability issues and all that since they are not regulated and God knows what one might end up with) but glucausamine does work for some cases of arthritis - it has not worked for me but I have serious chronic back pain. You might look into that or ask your physiotherapist what s/he thinks. It is not contraindicated with aspirin - which you might take with milk to offest its impact on the stomach (speaking as a back pain sufferer and not as a doctor, be careful with ASA or NSAIDs!!! They can cause serious ulcers!!)
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I can use the heating pad when I'm home, but its rather difficult when I'm in class. You know, I never thought about doing something like the orthodics. Once this is all fixed up, I might see about it. This is only really the second time in about four years that its bothered me, so it hadn't occured to me to use preventative medicine on it. Might need to though, life just keeps getting more and more busy and stressful!

Oh, and I have to take aspirin daily anyways, so I figure I'll just stick with it. I prefer the ibuprofen cause its not so hard on the stomach, and I can take it a little more often to keep the pain down, but like you said, mixing meds isn't usually a good idea.
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Yeah, I'm making sure to take the aspirin only when I have food or something else so that it doesn't eat away my stomach. I don't need anymore reasons to visit the doctor!
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One of the things I got from my chiropractor for my lower back pain was a gel called "Deep Cold". I've found it is wonderful for easing my lower back pain. My husband is not one to believe in topical balms and such, but after over-exerting himself one day, I suggested he try it by saying it couldn't hurt and he was impressed by how well it worked.

I believe it can be purchased from any pharmacy and can possibly help ease your discomfort until you have your physical therapy. As I said, since it isn't ingested, it certainly can't hurt to try it.

I no longer go to a chiropractor but I do continue to use this gel whenever I've overworked my lower back and get almost immediate relief.
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When my hubbys back is bothering him he does 20 minutes with a MOIST heating pad, followed by 20 minutes with an ice pack. He repeats this a few to several times a day for a day or two. I don`t know if it really helps, but he seems to think it does and afterwards he is "good to go" for awhile again.
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Thanks guys! So far the aspirin is helping a lot, but I'll definately be giving at least some of your suggestions a try!
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Good idea to see the doc first.

When I had serious shoulder injury (the pain would manifest itself in my thoracic spine) I used to lie on a tennis ball (or a golf ball if it was really bad) and gently roll it around under the weight of my body on all the painful pressure points in my back. It hurts, but goodness it's heaven!!
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
Good idea to see the doc first.

When I had serious shoulder injury (the pain would manifest itself in my thoracic spine) I used to lie on a tennis ball (or a golf ball if it was really bad) and gently roll it around under the weight of my body on all the painful pressure points in my back. It hurts, but goodness it's heaven!!
That's a good idea for a self-massage! I find the pain is least when I'm lying flat on my back. Sitting up is the worst, so the more propped up I am, the more it hurts.
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You can't take a heating pad to work but, you CAN wear a Thermacare heat patch. I use these, on my arthritic shoulder and neck. They stay warm, for approximately 8-10 hours.
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I love them, but they're sooooo expensive!! At least 6 bucks for three pads...that would be almost 12 bucks a week! I bought some Bengay pads that I can cut in half for a lot less, and they seem to help some. But boy, I wish I could afford the Thermacare....maybe my dad can get me some. (He's a pharmacist, would cost him less )
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I get mine at Costco, cost effective there.
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Hmm, we don't have CostCo but we do have a Sam's. Wonder if someone will lend me a membership card so I can get in...
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