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The Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty Thread

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I never started a thread for my cats since the TCS crash. A little late I know So, I took some pics today and thought I would just start a thread up for them. Mama was not cooperating today so no pictures of Mama yet.

McKenzie - My eldest girl. She is 15 this year.

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Lizbeth Ann (age 3 - estimated)

Blurry pic of Lizbeth getting stupid
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Kenzie has beaaautiful eyes!!
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Megan (my youngest - about 18 mos old)

Megan's favorite pose

Diving under the rug

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Now I must pick on my sister

Be afraid, Lizbeth! Be very afraid!

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The male of the house - George (age 7). He just stayed at the top of the stairs and supervised

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Awwwww, there's my adorable nieces and nephew!! Love the new pics Chris!!
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They are all adorable!!!
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They are all beautiful, and it's nice to see some big pictures of them.

I have to say though, I was particularly struck by Mackenzie's lovely eyes.
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awww Chris these are just amazing photos!! Have i ever told you how much I love your kitties?

McKenzie - you are just looking so elegant sitting there, and Georgie - good boy for supervising and keeping an eye on all your sisters!
Lizbeth - you know how much I adore you and your looking so gorgeous there even being all cheeky under the chair.
Megan - you look so pretty under the rug... who are you hiding from? and look at you beating up your sister!! (I think Lizbeth secretly enjoys it btw)

great thread Chris - so pleased you started it
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I love this one!!!
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Originally Posted by captiva

I LOVE this pic!
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Wonderful pics, Chris!! They're all gorgeous, but I have a special soft spot for sweet McKenzie -- what lovely eyes!
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Originally Posted by captiva

Be afraid, Lizbeth! Be very afraid!

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McKenzie, you beautiful baby girl, I love you so much!

Lizbeth, you're so funny playing in your chair!

Look at Megan being so silly diving under the rug! Megan, your first picture really shows off your lovely face!

Megan and Lizbeth, be nice!

George, you know we adore you!

These are fantastic, Chris!
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Awwwww Chris their all great!

Has to laugh at the one of Lizbeth under the chair She looked like she was having what i call a mad half hour
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How beautiful they all are! I am particually taken by Mackenzie and Megans eyes, thanks for showing us
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Thank you everyone! Yes, Lizbeth had quite a lot of fun rabbit kicking the chair. I heard her and Megan having a chase earlier in the day and it went from the upstairs, down the hall, down the stairs and then to the basement

I am going to try to get Mama in this thread today, but everytime I pointed the camera at her she thought she needed to come over and give me headbutts and lovin'
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I`ve caught a cold since yesterday...and that pic of Lizbeth nearly finished me off! I took one look at her hanging from under the chair and nearly coughed myself 1/2 to death laughing! Then I looked again...(thinking maybe you`d accidently put the pic upside down)....but nope, she really was hanging there under the chair...so I started laughing all over again....then had to run to the potty before i peed my pants.
Toby and Tedy were watching me like "Has she lost her mind???"
Thanks for the laugh! I`m sure it will help me "get well soon"
All of your kitties are really beautiful too, by the way! (Do McKenzie`s eyes actually have those "specks" in them , or was that just something the camera did? Sooooo pretty!)
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Awww Chris what lovely, lovely pictures.

McKenzie looks so beautiful and so calm. Couldn't describe Lizbeth as calm though - that one of her hanging from the chair is just hilarious - she is beautiful of course. As is her lovely sister Megan, even if she does pick on Lizbeth. George is a handsome guy, playing it cool there at the top of the stairs.

Can't wait to see piccies of Mama - come on now Mama we're all waiting for you.
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I love them!!, more please!
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Love em, they gorgeous
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McKenzie is an elegant tabby. She has wisdom in her beautiful eyes.

The picture of Lizbeth peeking out from "her" chair is a smile maker. What a doll.

I would love to kiss Megan's beautiful tummy. Her colors & markings are gorgeous.

And then there is George...your handsome tabby, looking so cool from the top of "his" stairs.

Delightful pictures of your beautiful furfamily Chris.
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Chris, your babies are so cute. Kenzie looks so beautiful, I just want to hug her. George looks handsome, like always.

Love the pics.
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Great pictures, Chris!

Your bunch certainly have a lot of personality and beauty!

I hope Mama decides to cooperate, but I know the feeling of having kitties decide to rub instead of posing! Don't you just love 'em?!
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Mackenzie has gorgeous eyes! Lizbeth looks so much like my RB kitty, Mouse - beautiful color! is her coat super-soft? it looks very plush, like Mouse's.
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Thank you everyone. Yes, Laureen, she feels like velvet.
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aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww I only has a word for all they....CUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milky to Chris------> Auntie Chris!, auntie Chris! I´m proud of my lovely cousins!!! they are sooo gorgeous and magnificents!!! .....
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I really cannot say anything that hasn't already been said so...

Stunning babies, all of them! Thank you for the much-needed fix Chris!
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They are all so loveable!!! I really love the picture under the rug!!

More pictures are definately needed

Kenzie is a great name ....thats my nickname!!
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