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Mmmm, something tastey!

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lol Chay must be dreaming about something awfully tastey, cause his lips are smacking and his whiskers are twitching! What do your kitties dream about?
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That's too funny!!, my cat will suckle and knead the air when he sleeps. He's a cutie!
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My cats sleep so hard sometimes they scare me. Do yours? Yesterday George was twitching away and running from something because his little legs were swimming. I told DH to wake him up he had to shake and shake him. It gave us a bit of a fright for a second. Then when he woke up he was hissing at my hubby. Poor little guy.
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Only Billy's done it before, when he was sick about a week and a half ago. He was sound asleep, and Chay decided it was play time and started chewing on his brother's ear. When Billy didn't wake up, I checked to make sure he was still alive!

I think I figured out what Chay was dreaming about - he was dreaming he'd finally caught that elusive gerbil!
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The only one I have see have a dream is Gordito.. and he could be dreaming of anything.. most likely food though.. LOL.
My dog dreams alot more often than the cats do.. his paws twitch and his nose does too.. and he barks as well xD I have no idea what he's dreaming of.. but it looks like fun!
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I love watching my girls sleep! Sierra's little ears and nose twitch, her whiskers reposition, and her little paws move as if she's strolling along! Serenity kneads the air, and moves her mouth. Since she still sucks on my finger, ears or lips and kneads as she goes to sleep, I wonder if she's dreaming of nursing? She often looks as if she's having fun chasing something by the way her arms and legs are moving!
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