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Celebrations!!! Woohooo!!!

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HI ALL!!!! Just wanted to leap around with joy for a bit - hope nobody minds too much!!! WE FINALLY GOT A HOUSE!!! Yipeeee!!! We went to view one last night and absolutely fell in love with it!! So thismorning, we just offered the asking price straight away and they just this second accepted!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Now... for the colour schemes.... hahahhaa!!! (Just gotta wait for the people who are in it to move out now..... tapping foot... c'mon!!) :girly1:
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That is amazing news! Congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly & that all the lovely colour schemes work out. (get the hubby to practice painting now so he is perfect when you move.)
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Thanks Ady!! Hubby is (Im pleased to say) already fully trained!! hahahaah!!! Ooooo I LOVE decorating... I have all the great ideas.... and Hubby does them all!!! hahahaha nah... I like doing what I can by myself!! Get my scruffs on and get painting!! YEY!
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I also love painting - the hubby hates it when I get in the decorating mood. I get ambitious and next thing you know I am stenciling or sponging the walls. Now we agree that if I get in a decorating mood I don't do something big - only something like refinishing a table or mirror or even do a wreath. Men just don't understand decorating urges.
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I'm so glad you finally found the right place! And you got your answer so fast! Yay!
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new homeowner!!!! :laughing: :laughing2
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Well - what's the house like - tell all!
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Dearest Bod and BodHubby,

Most heartfelt congratulations to you on the acquisition of a new living space for yourselves and kits!

We all knew it was a matter of, maybe you can become the UK "Martha Stewart" and show everyone how its done...Bod Style!

Very cool!

My best to all of you!

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Yay Rhea!!!!

that is fabulous news!

when will you guys get in there?
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Congrats Rhea!

I knew that you would find a house that you liked! :daisy:
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Congratulations Rhea! I'm thrilled for you. It's so exciting to find a house, especially one that you absolutely love. When will you be moving?
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Y I P P E E S K I P E E !!!
(what do ya think of that color scheme?)

I got your message last night, I'm so happy for you guys!

Now, how about the next part? :LOL: (and I don't mean the dog either!)
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Here's a little something to help you celebrate!!!!

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that is truly fabulous.....I'm hoping my hubby and me can buy a house next year so the babies have more room to play and chase one another.
CONGRATS! :flash:
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Congratulations, Rhea! I hope you enjoy all the joys of being a homeowner.
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Rhea!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!! That is GREAT news!!!

You will have to tell us all about it!! Too bad we don't live closer...I would come over and help you decorate!!! I love that kinda stuff!
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Rhea that is great news I am sooooo happy for you
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Thanks Everyone!!! Eeee!!! Im still excited!! hahaha - we went to have another look round this weekend.... just because we felt like it!! hahah - yep - still love it!! The main thing is it is alot closer to my work so it will be a million times easier for me to get to and from work!! YEY!! (I'll be able to get up a whole hour later!! hahah) Plus the house is much bigger than the one we're in now, so hopefully we won't need to move again - you know - somewhere we can settle.
I will be sad about leaving the house we're in now though, I mean it was the first house we lived in as a married couple, and I get kinda soppy about that... but never mind... time to move on....(not to mention we'll be making quite a nice amount of money from selling it!!! hahahaha..... )

As soon as I get any pictures I'll post them up here. As for when we get to move in - not sure yet, gotta wait for the people who are in it to move out!!! (kick kick... hahaha) I'll keep ya posted!
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